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Cycling Ireland Board June Update – Important Notice on Youth Riders in Non Open Races

Please see below an update from the Cycling Ireland Board following it's June meeting.

National Record.

At it’s meeting on 8th June 2012 the Board approved Caroline Ryan’s time of 3 mins 34.515 secs as a new Women’s National 3000mts standing start record. The time was recorded at the World Track Championships inMelbourne,Australia. The previous record was 3 mins 39.314 secs, also recorded by Caroline. The Board would congratulate on another superb performance and trust that it will not be long until she is back in competition mode.

Sign On.

The College of Commissaireshas become aware that there has been several instances this year where some riders are not signing on for an event, possibly not paying an entry fee but riding  the event. The Provincial Executives responsible for the events in which these have occurred has been made aware of these incidents and hopefully will be dealing with this. Commissaires and promoters should be on their guard in respect of this .

Youth Riders in  Non Open Races

It has come to the Board’s attention that youth riders may be participating in non open league and club races along with seniors.  The National Child Protection Officer has expressed concern as to the detrimental effect that such participation may have on the development of youths, particularly those who are in the U14 and below categories.  Attention is brought to Chapter T4, Article 1 of Cycling Ireland's rules which limit U14s to a race distance of 30kms and no more than three races per week (U12s are limited to 15kms and no more than three races per week).  The Board intends to monitor this situation and, if necessary, bring in measures to further safeguard the development of youth riders.

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