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Robinson Rides a Stormer at Super Six TT

Ivan Robinson shocked everyone on Tuesday night with a storming ride on a new and very difficult course to take his 2nd win in the 5th Round of the Ernie Magwood Super 6 TT league. Ivan who gets faster as he gets older backed up his superb time from Woodgreen the previous week, and puts himself well up into the list of favourites for the upcoming, Ulster & vets TT champs, and is still in contention for the Ernie Magwood Trophy.

A Total of 40 riders signed on to tackle the new rolling course. The tall hedges and Orchards channeling the wind and the first and last 2 miles of the circuit being up and down meant that some of the noted roadies were right in the mix.
Another astounding time was also set by Matthew Heaney, proving that the aul fellas arent home and dry yet!
Richard Davison was fastest unplaced vet, and Gillian Orr was the fastest lady on the night who was registered for the S6.
Finally a huge thank you to the PSNI who supplied 2 cars and 4 motorbikes, calming the traffic and actually riding the course along with the riders. I have never seen such a safe environment for time trialling. Also marshalling and assisting on the night were the usual invaluable helpers. Sheena, Barry, Eddie, Mark, Marty & James. And off course the Hunters for their flawless timing.
The next round is on the 24th September on Woodgreen.

Name Time
Ivan Robinson 21:14
John Heverin 21:21
Richard Davison 21:42
Matthew Heaney 21:44
Mckey Murray 21:52
Stevie Baines 22:01
Brendan McCourt 22:15
David Heagney 22:49
Barry Doyle 22:53
Gary Jeffers 22:54
Noel McLoughlin 23:10
Davy Quinn 23:16
Gerry McVeigh 23:21
Ciara Mulholland 23:25
Conor Grimes 23:36
Donal Cormichan 23:50
Declan Mulholland 24:02:00
Kenneth McConaghy 24:04:00
John Hunter 24:17:00
John McGlaughlin 24:29:00
Harry Martin 24:31:00
Paul McCormick 24:34:00
Melvin Steele 24:51:00
Warran McNeill 25:01:00
Declan Corrigan 25:02:00
JP Donnolly 25:16:00
Barry Grimes 25:19:00
Geoffery Leonard 25:30:00
Nigel Flannigan 25:38:00
Owen Campbell 25:49:00
Jon Donnelly 26:01:00
Dermot Donaghy 26:05:00
William Orr 26:09:00
Leslie Mitchell 26:12:00
Robert Anderson 26:15:00
Aidan Lafferty 26:45:00
Fred McSorley 27:18:00
Paul Hackett 27:32:00
Gillian Orr 28:17:00
Sheena O Neill 28:53:00

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