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The Mid-Night Ramblings of Myles McCorry

Every so often the cycling community produces it's fair quota of characters, wits and raconteurs. I don't know where Myles McCorry, proprietor of the The Cyclery in Lurgan fits in, but he is a man with a mind of his own and not afraid to try something new. Produced below is a diary of his latest exploit. Forget about Paul Revere......this is the Midnight Ride of Apollo CC

12. 30 midnight left Lurgan with led lights
12.04 Gilford Rd hill : aiden regrets bringing pannier
1 am hit toe path in scarva ,litterly
1 23 am leave toe path at points pass as keith cant see holes in time
1.55 meet Martin in Newry, give him lights
1.59 i put your feckin lights on then
2. 03 do every one way street in newry, wrong way
2.30 starts raining
3 10 stops raining in dundalk,
3.20 martin stops halfwheeling for 1 min. the masses rejoice.
3.32 third piss and second pro plus
3.40 lorry dips lights when he sees lights thinking a car, then as he gets
closer full lights to see what the feck it was, then goes off the road when
he sees what it is
3.50 go north bound for a way up the motorway
4.20 a few fences impead the best 4 lane cycle track in ireland and we stand
in the middle of the new bridge over the boyne
4.40 rip out some no entry signs. revolution! (photo opportunity)
5am amazed at the speed of the runners (rabbits) in first light
5.40 stop and further amazed at the cool toll booth, ( 80 foot of stone, yep)
6.20 tired and not amazed at anything further
6.21 martin attacks. (my reaction too)
7. 03 after dogin early morning road rage arrive in Connelly Station Dublin,
to collect our bags. bags not arrived. man never heard of bags.
7.04 Slag people alot and sit in Connelly Station drinking more caffine and
drinking scrambelled eggs til bags arrive at nine thirty.

andy layhe asked why?
why the ----- not. memory magnets!

PS Does anyone know the site which quotes the following "the cyclery is a brilliant shop along with a good looking owner!!!what is ur name curly boy??" Search the web for the Cyclery Lurgan and this is what comes up. I wonder did Myles write it himself?

PIC: Stolen from the Apollo website

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