Antje keeps going

Antje keeps going.jpg

Can you do it again

Can you do it again.jpg

Ciara takes the sprint

Ciara takes the sprint.jpg

Did well Maeve

Did well Maeve.jpg

Don't forget to sing Ann

Don't forget to sing Ann.jpg

Getting stronger Kerry

Getting stronger Kerry.jpg

Getting the bell

Getting the bell.jpg

Go Hannah

Go Hannah.jpg

Going for second

Going for second.jpg

Good on you

Good on you.jpg

Great third Val

Great third Val.jpg

Leading the way

Leading the way.jpg

Looking good Julie

Looking good Julie.jpg

Mary's happy

Mary's happy.jpg

My hero

My hero.jpg

No waves Ann

No waves Ann.jpg

Nothing new for Mary

Nothing new for Mary.jpg

Pic by Jerome

Pic by Jerome.jpg

Rachel and Rachael

Rachel and Rachael.jpg

Representing Ards

Representing Ards.jpg

Roe Valley Women

Roe Valley Women.jpg

Roisin takes second

Roisin takes second.jpg



Second lap

Second lap.jpg

Second time for Ciara

Second time for Ciara.jpg

Serious stuff

Serious stuff.jpg

Struggling through the pain

Struggling through the pain.jpg

The Phoenix Crew

The Phoenix Crew.jpg

The limit group

The limit group.jpg

Therese comes in

Therese comes in.jpg

Up  from Leinster

Up from Leinster.jpg

Up the drag

Up the drag.jpg

Val goes wide for the turn

Val goes wide for the turn.jpg

Well done Julie

Well done Julie.jpg

What happy faces

What happy faces.jpg

Working together

Working together.jpg

Zooming along

Zooming along.jpg