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Reliability Trials

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Reliability Trials are not races but rather longer distance events which usually take place in Ulster in January and February prior to the road racing season which usually begins at the end of February or beginning of March. Although they are categorised as leisure rides some of these are used by those cyclists who are intending to race. They use Reliability Trials as test rides to see how their winter training has paid off and to compare their level of fitness against other riders. While the group tries to stay together the pace can be fairly high and many of the Reliability Trials are not suitable for beginners. Before entering such an event it is advisable to seek advice from the organiser or other cyclists to gauge the difficulty of the event.

Reliability Trials are run by Cycling Clubs and some will include a refreshment stop. Reliability trials are usually inexpensive to enter. Because they are run by clubs it is a good way to find out more about a club. Often there is no back-up or other support offered. The reliability Trial is also a rest of the reliability of your bike and is often when riders take out the bike the intend to race on in the up-coming season.

Phoenix Reliabilty Trial 2011

Clubs intending to organise a Reliability Trial must also complete a Parades Commission Form prior to the event.

Reliability trial riders needed to be self-sufficient, adept at navigation, able to deal with mechanical problems, and fit enough to complete the course.   The function of reliability trials is a test of fitness, reliability and the ability to ride long distances.