Ulster Cycling News

Event Information

Cycling Ireland Tecnhnical Rules and Regulations 2015
It is important that all event promoters are familiar with the rules for the event which they are running. This is the latest version of the rules.

Cycling Ireland Sign-on Sheet 2015
It is very important that all Licence holders participating in a club/interclub or open competitive or leisure event personally sign this form before taking part.

Guidelines for Marshalls and Car Drivers
This document will provide some guidelines for marshalls and car drivers during cycle races. The document was written by Colin Hughes of Phoenix CC

PSNI Form 18
This is the PSNI form which must be completed for all road races, Time Trials, Hill Climbs etc whether club, interclub or Open event. It should be submitted to the local district at least six weeks prior to the event taking place.

Parades Commission Form 11/1
Must be completed by clubs promoting Reliability Trials or Leisure Events and sumitted at least 28 days prior to the event taking place.

Cycling Ireland Event Safety Document 
Completion of a Risk Assessment is compulsory from 2012 onwards. This cocument provides guidelines on managing risk and on general health and safety issues.

Cycling Ireland Leisure Event Guidelines
Information regarding organising a leisure event and managing insurance for non-licence holders.

Non Open Events
This document provides information on Club League events and the rules pertaining to different types of non-open events.

Indemnity Request Form
If you are organising an event where the landowner or facility provider requires proof of insurance you can download this form and send it to the Cycling Ireland office via email/in post. The cost is €60 but one form is sufficient if you are using the same venue for a number of events. For events involving Youth there is no charge.