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Sport Northern Ireland (SNI) have introduced a Clubmark Award for clubs developing youth. Governing Bodies like Cycling Ulster can produce an award specific to their sport. Cycling Ulster has developed the Yellow Jersey Award and clubs wishing to apply for Clubmark should contact marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com.

The resources below will help clubs in their development whether or not they wish to apply for Clubmark or maintain a Youth section. These resources will be added to and amended from time to time.

Yellow Jersey Sport NI Clubmark Scheme

Forming a New Cyling Club

A Guide to Group Riding

Cycling Ireland Code Of Practice For Young and Vulnerable Cyclists

Sample Club Constitution

Simplified Constitution

Sample Club Equity Statement

Sample Complaints and Disciplinary  Policy

Parental Consent Residential Trips

Sample Development Plan Grid

How to draw up Development Plan

Sample Club Development Policy

Sample Volunteer Code

Sample Code for Parents

Sample Code for Young Members

Event Guidelines for Parents

Sample Club Attendance Record

Sample Medical Form

Sample Signicant Incident Report Form

School Club Links