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National Hill Climb Championship 21/9/03

Gareth Rogers retained his All Ireland Hill Climb title this morning with a superb ride at Spelga Pass. The young Banbridge rider stormed up the one mile climb with a time of 8min 51secs. The strong headwind made this gruelling event even more demanding but Rogers finished 9 seconds clear of team-mate Roger Aiken who took the silver medal. In such a short event this was a decisive margin.

Ulster made a clean sweep of the championship medals when Draperstown’s Jonathon Dempsey claimed the bronze with a time of 9-01 while Banbridge claimed the team prize over Phoenix with Robert Coffey being their third counter.

1 Gareth Rogers (Banbridge) 8-51-35
2 Roger Aiken (Banbridge) 9-00-62
3 Jonathon Dempsey (Classic Walls) 9-01-60
4 Simon Coughlan (Donamon Dynamos) 9-11-09
5 Ray Clarke (Cycleways Lee Strand) 9-14-19
6 Conor Murphy (Crannog Ireland) 9-14-76
7 Matthew Ward (Phoenix) 9-16-76
8 Paul Slane (Slane Cycles) 9-19-20
9 Kenny Boylan (Lakeland CC) 9-39-95
10 Will Byrne (Killcullen) 9-41-37

11Vincent Tubridy (Slane Cycles) 9-47-73
12 Francis Ennis (Lucan CRC Stagg) 9-51-03
13 Brian Thursby 9-51-07
14 Michael Murray (Clann Eireann) 10-14-05

16 Mark Shortt (Maryland) 10-38-10
17 Mert Thompson (Phoenix) 10-42-54
18 Brendan McCartan (Phoenix) 11-26-44
19 Louise Moriarty (Les Jeunes) 11-35-16
20 Trudy Brown (Northern) 12-04-05
21 Dominic Devlin (Slane Cycles) 12-38-18
22 Robert Coffey (Banbridge) 12-45-77
23 Mary Brennan (Castlebar CC) 14-04-22

Mark Kiernam (Total Cycling) Query on Time Pending

REPORT: Tommy Lamb
PICS: Marian Lamb

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