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07/08/12 Jim Traynor Memorial TT Results

Dubliner, Aaron Buggle was the fastest rider in Tuesday night's Jim Traynor Memorial time trial promoted by Apollo. Buggle recorded a 20.21 which was over a minute quicker than Phoenix CC's Stuart Bennett. Sunday's Tour of Armagh winner, Thomas Martin (Eurocycles) took third place, dipping inside 22 minutes with a 21.56.

Jim Traynor Memorial Results, Derrymacash 10TT, 07/08/12

1st Aaron Buggle 20.21

2nd Stuart Bennett 21.26

3rd Thomas Martin 21.56

4th Rodney Stewart 22.

5th Richard Davidson 22.49

6th Sean McIntyre 23.01

7th James McCusker 23.16

=7th John Clyde 23.16

9th Andy McGibbon 23.33

10th John J McAuley 23.39

11th Gerard McVeigh 23.57

=11th Noel McLoughlin 23.57

13th Alan McKeown 23.58

14th Paul McCormick 24.06
15th Glen Dunwoody 24.17

16th Kenny McConaghy 24.22

17th Davy Quinn 24.24

18th J P Donnelly 24.29

19th Adrian Finnegan 24.33

20th Owen Campbell 24.35

21st Trevor Wright 24.38

22nd Barry Hayes 24.45

23rd James McLaughlin 24.48

24th Harry Martin 24.49

25th Jonny Graham 25.26

=25th Campbell Armstrong 25.26

27th Martin Collins 25.28

28th Warren McNeill 25.30

29th Gareth McCann 25.39

30th Colin Wilson 26.01

31st Nigel Flannagan 26.05

32nd Oliver Donnelly 26.20

33rd Andrew Trueman 26.41

34th Adele McCann 27.18

35th Sheena O’Neill 28.07

36th Toni Campbell 30.01

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