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Ulster Take Inter Provincial Round 1 at Orangefeild.

The Ulster team and coaches.

Round 1 of the Cycling Ireland Youth Inter Provincial Track Series took place today at a sunny if windy Orangefeild track in Belfast. Three provinces competed, Ulster, Leinster and Munster, and each fielded teams in the U16, U14 and U12 age categories. Two U10 Ulster riders also took part and gained valuable experience for the future, and on today’s showing will certainly make headlines in on the track in the coming years.

The day’s competition started with the sprint qualifiers followed by the time trial for each category. After a short break for lunch the racing resumed with the sprint finals and ended with a scratch race for each age category.

Ulster fielded strong teams in the U16 and U12 age categories but with only two riders our U14s would have a tough time against the strong opposition. With the points for all the age categories to be added together it was destined to be a close contest all day.

Here are some videos of the sprint finals.  They are in a random order for safeguarding reasons.

The Ulster U16 team consisted of Declan Mulholland, Matthew Teggart, James Curry and Craig Crawford, and the results of the U16 racing were as follows.

Sprint Heats. (Winner’s name in bold, winner to progress to final.)

Heat 1.
Declan. (U)
Kevin (M)
Anthony (L)

Heat 2.
Matthew. (U)
Joshua (M)
Robert (L)

Heat 3.
James. (U)
Eddie (M)
Harry (L)

Heat 4.
Craig. (U)
Dylan (M)
Fintan (L)

Sprint Final
1st) Declan (U) 5 points
2nd) Matthew (U) 3
3rd) Harry (L) 2
4th) Fintan (L) 1

Under 16 500metre TT

1st. Fintan (L) 38.06 5 points
2nd. Matthew (U) 40.41 3
3rd. Declan (U) 41.36 2
4th. James (U) 41.45 1
5th. Dylan (M) 41.94
6th. Harry (M) 42.44
7th. Craig (U) 42.50
8th. Eddie (L) 42.78
9th. Joshua (M) 43.30
10th. Kevin (M) 43.57
11th. Robert (L) 45.33
12th. Anthony (L) 45.38

Scratch Race. 10 laps (4000m)
1st. Declan (U). 5 points.
2nd. Fintan (L). 3
3rd. Dylan (M) 2
4th. Eddie (M) 1

Final Under 16 Points Total.
Ulster. 19 points.
Leinster. 11 points.
Munster. 3 points.

The Ulster U14 team consisted of Kelvin Nash and Ethan Fliville.

Spint Heats. (Winner’s name in bold, winner to progress to the final.)

Heat 1.
Kelvin (U)
Rauri (M)
Deirbhle (L)

Heat 2.
Ethan (U)
Tom (M)
Naoise (L)

Heat 3.
Joise (M)
Rebecca (L)

Heat 4.
Dillon (M)
Adam (L)

Under 14 Sprint Final.
1st. Adam (L). 5 points.
2nd. Rauri (M) 3
3rd. Naoise (L) 2
4th. Rebecca (L) 1

Under 14 250m TT
1st. Adam (L) 22.98. 5 points.
2nd. Dillon (M) 23.58 3points
3rd. Rauri (M) 24.38 2 points
4th. Naoise. (L) 24.53 1 point
5th. Tom (M) 24.63
6th. Deirbhle (L) 25.00
7th Josie (M) 25.00
8th. Kelvin (U) 25.93
9th. Rebecca (L) 26.78
10th. Ethan (U) 26.97

Under 14 Scratch Race. 6 laps (2400m)
1st. Adam. (L) 5 points
2nd. Tom (M) 3 points.
3rd. Rauri (M) 2 points.
4th. Dillon (M) 1 points.

Under 14 Points Total.
Ulster. Nil.
Leinster. 19
Munster. 14

The Ulster U12 team consisted of Shenna McKiverigan, Rauri Grimes and Shannon Buller.

Sprint Heats (Winner’s names in bold, winners and fasters runner up to progress to the final.)

Heat 1.
Shenna. (U)
Cian (L) 1.31
Denis (M)

Heat 2.
Rauri. (U)
Jenny (L)
Jack (M) 1.27 (Progressed to the final as fastest runner up.)

Heat 3.
Shannon. (U)
Ryan (L) 1.51
Evan (M)

Under 12 Sprint Final.
1st. Shenna (U) 5 points
2nd. Jenny (L) 3
3rd. Shannon (U) 2
4th Jack (M) 1

Under 12 100metre TT
1st. Shannon (U) 11.00 5 points.
2nd. Ryan (L) 11.03. 3
3rd. Shenna (U). 11.12. 2
4th. Cian (L). 11.47. 1
5th. Jack (M) 12.74
6th. Jenny (L) 12.84
7th. Rauri (U) 12.81
8th. Evan (M) 13.08
9th. Denis (M) 13.59

Under 12 Scratch Race. 3 laps (1200m).
1st. Shannon (U) 5 points
2nd. Shenna (U) 3 points
3rd. Evan (M) 2 points.
4th. Jenny (L) 1 point.

U12 Points Totals.
Ulster. 22 points
Leinster. 8
Munster. 3.

Which meant that the final points totals for the three provinces were too close to call before the calculators were produced. But after the numbers were crunched and double checked it was good news for the local riders as they had won the day by 3 points over their long standing rivals Leinster.

Final Points Tally.

Ulster. 41
Leinster. 38
Munster. 20

Last but by no means least the two Ulster U10 riders, Niamh McKiverigan and Alana O`Hagan showed their potential. Niamh showed her strength by getting the better of Alana in the sprint, TT and scratch race but the coaches were all impressed by Alana’s ability and fighting sprit which will no doubt be a great asset to her as she gains more experience.

The two riders recorded the following times in the 100m TT.

Niamh. 12.12
Alana 15.06

Cycling Ulster would like to congratulate all the riders who represented Ulster and would like to thank the coaches, Anthony and Nicola, and all the parents and helpers who turned out to support the riders.

The Ulster team and coaches.

If you would like to try track cycling for yourself, no matter what your age, simply turn up to Orangefeild track at 7pm any Thursday evening that is dry (unfortunately the track can’t be used if it’s wet) to have a go or simply have a look.

Paste    54.586339, -5.880604     into google maps for the location of Orangefeild track.

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