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14/07/12 Ernie Magwood Super Six Results

When John Heverin informed me mid week that he intended to make an attempt on the Irish Vets 10 mile record, I was certain he was off his rocker. It is widely accepted that mornings are usually slower than balmy evenings, and the Target he was aiming for, John Maddens previous record of 19:55 wasn’t exactly an easy one. On the morning itself, the usual, cool, with a tailwind out, headwind home, only confirmed the suspicions that a record time couldn’t be set. However as all was in place, with a turn Steward, Official Commasaire etc he went for it. In the end two remarkable men broke Irish records. John lowering the record from 19:55 to a 19:45.2 and Darryl Irwin, with no fanfare or fuss also lowering his own Hand Cycling record to a 31:11, a time many wouldn’t beat using their legs. The belief, ability and determination that these two men showed was astounding, on behalf of the Ernie Magwood league I pass on my congratulations, and I am sure that with ideal conditions and similar form, another 10-20 seconds can be trimmed from these times.


As a sideshow, a total of 60 riders faced the time keepers, well up on previous numbers, it’s almost as if they knew that Coalislands Cancellara AKA, James McLaughlin was on holidays! There cant have been a cyclist in all of Limavady, as Roe Valley had turned up in their (almost) entirety, with them proving a real force to be reckoned with setting super times, and just about every female tester in the north appeared out also, again setting super times. The standard of female TT racing is certainly still on the up, with Heather Foley yet again taking the honours. Superb times were also set by a returning Stuart Bennett, 20:44 for second, Ivan Robinson, for third, acting as a perfect hare for “Heverin the hound” to chase down just being caught in the dying kick, but setting a time quick enough to win the unplaced Vets prize.

Thanks go to the timekeepers, the Hunter family, Maurice Bann Lavery, Martin McKernan and Mark Greenaway, and of course Super Sheena for all their hard work.

Finally a bit of a moan is required, which I apologise for. I noticed the PSNI passing, they make Woodgreen part of their patrol when an event is on due to a Councillor raising the issue of unsafe riding in the past. It is not a request, but a REQUIREMENT that we comply with their guidelines. We can not just park on the side of a dual carriageway, there are lots of lay-bys we can use for this. Also the number of riders who warmed up on the course (please use a turbo) passed the timekeepers when not racing, and failed to shout numbers as they finished, made the timekeepers lives very difficult. In the future this can’t happen and the timekeepers are entitled to disqualify riders who do this, and we will also ban them from future events. Another absolute must not, is crossing the carriageway to check your time. This is the height of madness in cycling shoes. Please don’t do this in the future.

Ernie Magwood Super 6 Round 4 Woodgreen 14/07/2012

John Heverin CECC 19:45.2
Stuart Bennett Phoenix 20:44
Ivan Robinson Ards 20:50
Thomas Martin Eurocycles 20:54
Rodney Stewart TVR 20:57
Cathal Doyle Carn 20:58
Stephen Harkens Madigan 21:07
Gary Jeffers ETCC 21:08
James Gault Phoenix 21:17
Steven McAllister Ballymoney 21:20
Peter Cole RVCC 21:33
William Larmour EACC 21:36
Desi Foley Phoenix 21:37
Ronnie Smyth Dromara 21:44
Brendan McCourt Northern 21:47
Christian Nachigal Phoenix 21:48
Steven Workman BRC 21:50
John McGlaughlin ETCC 21:51
Kyle Houston CRC/Vitus 21:52
Jason Henry U/A 21:55
Conor Grimes CECC 22:03
John McElderry BVRC 22:07
David Heagney ETCC 22:09
Conor Young BRC 22:13
Paul McLaughlin RVCC 22:17
Joe Henry Phoenix 22:21
David Strang BVRC 22:24
James Mullan RVCC 22:30
Ryan Patton Ballymoney 22:32
Declan Mulholland CECC 22:33
Nevile Patton Ballymoney 22:33
John Clyde Dromara 22:36
Jim Hegarty Phoenix 22:40
Heather Foley Maryland 22:43
Francis McNicholl RVCC 22:48
John McAuley Apollo 22:56
Seamus Walsh Phoenix 22:59
George Boyd RVCC 23:01
Richie Archer Harps 23:09
John O Neill Spires 23:11
Gareth Donnelly IWCC 23:13
Ed Boyle Phoenix 23:32
Davy Quinn Apollo 23:34
Mark McManus U/A 23:35
Harry Martin CECC 23:38
Cormac McCann Phoenix 23:50
Andrew Morrison Maryland 24:10:00
Tonya Moran 24:34:00
Colin Wilson Ards 24:39:00
Harry McComb ETCC 24:41:00
Kay Hack BWCC 25:06:00
Steven Smith BRC 25:20:00
Mary Boyd RVCC 25:34:00
William Orr Ards 26:15:00
Gillian Orr Ards 26:27:00
Emma Smith BRC 26:43:00
Maeve Savage BRC 26:54:00
Sheena O Neill IWCC 27:13:00
Bernie Monaghan Dromara 27:24:00
Darryl Irwin Handcycling 31:11:00
Kerry Boyd RVCC 34:45:00


Report: David Heagney

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