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26/04/2012 Spires TT Trilogy Round 1

28 Testers turned up tonight for the first of the (Spires CC) Trilogy time trials on the Toome circuit. This was a very tough cold and windy night with a very strong cross head wind on the way out and very little advantage on the way back. John Madden of Curran Racing came in first with an excellent time of 22.02, with Derek Ferguson of Kings Moss taking second place by just 2 seconds over the hosting club’s Martin Tohill.

In the women’s event, Amy Brice of (Phoenix CC) had another excellent result on a very hard night being first home with a time of 25.22 and an excellent 10th overall. Sinead Rivers of RVCC was second woman home with a time of 26.51 and Rachel Withers was third with a time of 27.00. This was the final of three selection events for the Celtic Chrono.

Amy takes off - Pic by Sean McNicholl

A great selection of photographs by Andrew Glendinning can be viewed by clicking on his Facebook Page

26/04/2012 Spires Trilogy Round 1

John Madden               (Curran Racing)                             22.02
Derek Ferguson           (Kings Moss)                                  23.45
Martin Tohill               (Spires CC)                                     23.47
Peter Kennedy             (East Antrim Audi)                         23.53
James Mullan              (Roe Valley CC)                             23.53
Paul Swenarton           (North Down CC)                           24.25
Dominic Drumm         (Bann Wheelers)                           24.30
Jim Hegarty                 (Phoenix CC)                                  24.32
Gordon Scott               East Antrim Audi                           24.35
Amy Brice                    (Phoenix CC)                                  25.22
Cormac McCann         (Phoenix CC)                                  25.35
Bryan Simpson            (North Down CC)                           25.54
Melvin Bowman          (Spires CC)                                     25.56
Brendan McCartan     (Phoenix CC)                                  26.35
Ed Boyle                      (Phoenix CC)                                  26.45
Mark Glendinning       (Spires CC)                                     26.46
Sinead Rivers               (Roe Valley CC)                             26.51
William Orr                 (Ards CC)                                       26.54
Rachel Withers            (West Tyrone Velo)                       27.00
Gerry Scullion              (Bann Valley)                                 28.43
Kelly Donnelly             (Spires CC)                                     28.44
Laura Maxwell            (Roe Valley CC)                             28.56
Gillian Orr                   (Ards CC)                                       29.18
Raphael Scullion          (Spires CC)                                     30.26
Sheena O Neill            (Island Wheelers)                          31.13
Sorcha Laverty            (Spires CC)                                     31.27
Declan McMackin       (North Down CC)                           DNF
John O Neill                 (Spires CC)                                     DNF



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  1. Some great times for such a bad evening. Well done John and Amy!

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