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Pink Winning Colour at Seskinore

The much anticipated McCann Cup took place today at Seskinore promoted by Omagh Wheelers. The first two events of the day were the Time Square Jewellers Gold Cup Master's race and the SportActive Women's Race.

In the short time lapse since the last Master's event at the Phoenix GP, such is the interest in the team competition that some of the competitors had got themselves organised and were able to field full teams for the event. Banbridge who had to be content with a sole rider last year came well prepared with four strong men while North Down, Phoenix CC and North Pole CC were well represented.

The interest in the series grows each week with newcomers such as John Brown (Northern Dave Kane), Liam Daly (Strabane Lifford CC) and Gregory Kearney (Roe Valley) lining up for the first time. Over forty riders took part in the race today with others such as last year's winner, Fred MacSorley sending in apologies.

The pace was hard but the bunch remained fairly much in tact with team tactics obviously well worked out in advance. Davy Quinn of Apollo CC rode hard and did  his fair share of the work to keep the bunch moving. He attacked several times throughout the race but was never allowed more than a few hundred yards advantage.

The riders covered three laps of the nine mile rolly course and averaged 23 miles per hour over the course.

Coming to the finish the sprint began to wind up as the veterans crested the rise. Noel Boyce of North Down proved to have the most energy left in the legs and took the win.

However team-mate Ian Blayney, also a well known sprinter was not to have it all his own way in the sprint for second place. Philip Beattie of Banbridge made him work for his second as he rode neck and neck with him to the line. Tommy McDonagh, one of Phoenix CC's new signings for the series took fourth with Paul McGuckin (Banbridge CC) and Turlough Montague of Phoenix lifting the final placings.

This makes things interesting going into the next round of the series as the self styled 'Banbridge Virgins' were the winning team on the day with North Down a close second followed by Phoenix CC and North Pole. With North Down having won the first round things are really beginning to hot up in the Master's event.

The next round could well see North Pole emerge the winners as they will be hosting round 3 on home ground on St Patrick's Day at Burt in the Inishowen Peninsula. More details will follow during the week.

Provisional Results - Top 25 -  Time Square Jewellers Gold Cup Round 2 - At the McCann Cup 2012

  1. Noel Boyce (North D0wn)

    Winner at McCann Cup Noel Boyce, North Down

  2. Ian Blayney (North Down)
  3. Philip Beattie (Banbridge CC)
  4. Tommy McDonagh (Phoenix CC)
  5. Paul McGuckin (Banbridge CC)
  6. Turlough Montague (Phoenix CC)
  7. Ian Cochrane (Banbridge CC)
  8. Shay Giles (North Pole CC)
  9. Mickey Gallen (Omagh Wheelers)
  10. Sean Kelly (Bann Valley)
  11. Gregory Kearney (Roe Valley CC)
  12. Derek King (Apollo CT)
  13. Dermot Hughes (Phoenix CC)
  14. Gaetano d'Urso (North Pole CC)
  15. Michael Crowe (North down CC)
  16. Karl McLaughlin (North Pole CC)
  17. John Hunter (North Down CC)
  18. Carl Fullerton (North Pole CC)
  19. Seamus Keenan (Omagh Wheelers)
  20. Gerry McCullough (Bann Valley)
  21. Tommy Lamb (Phoenix CC)
  22. John Brown (Northern Dave Kane)
  23. Harry Martin (Clann Eireann)
  24. Eamon Tolan (North Pole CC)
  25. Willie Weir (Banbridge CC)

SportActive Women's Series - Round 2

There was good turnout of women for the second round of the SportActive Women's Road Race League. The event on this occasion was a massed start. Again newcomers were making their debut. Phoenix CC's Judith Russell, who has been growing stronger on the club and touring runs, decided to give it a a lash as did triathlete, Kerry Speers of North Down.

The women did three laps in total and stayed together for much of the race. Unfortunately in the penultimate Dawn Gregg of East Tyrone took a slight tumble. Although she was unhurt it effectively put her out of the race. She said, " I am really annoyed as I felt strong and I was really enjoying the race. I would love to see how I would have finished in the final sprint."

Maeve Savage of Ballymena was also unlucky as her chain got caught in her gears and couldn't be shifted. Mary Boyd of Roe Valley stayed with her until help arrived so both were out of the race.

Coming into the finish a bunch sprint was on the cards. This was taken by Hannah Francis of Bikeworks who emerged the clear winner.

Up and coming rider Sinéad Rivers of Roe Valley CC pipped Rachael Withers (Westtyronevelo.com) for second. Rivers was delighted with her placing and determined to take the laurels at the next event.

Provisional Results - Top 5 -  SportActive Women's RR League Round 2 - At the McCann Cup 2012

  1. Hannah Francis (Bikeworks)

    Hannah Francis, Bikeworks, Winner at McCann Cup

  2. Sinéad rivers (Roe Valley CC)
  3. Rachael Withers (westtyronevelo.com)
  4. Kelly Donnelly (Spires CC)
  5. Kelly Speers (North Down)

Warren Francis is working on a fuller result sheet and this will be posted here later.

Many thanks to the acting comm for the events, Gavin McKernan.

Report and Pics Marian Lamb


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