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The Madigan Pro-Bike Centre Ulster Track League wound up on Tuesday night with the final round of racing at Orangefield. The drop in evening light makes it impractical to continue racing in to September, however Tuesday evening was also the last opportunity for those riders competing in this weekend’s National Track Championships to put some finishing touches to their preparations.

A decision was also taken by the Track Commission this week not to enter a team for this year’s UK Inter-Regional Track Championships at Newport later in the month. This would have been the third year of competition at this prestigious event, with the coaches noticing a rise in competitive standards each year.

With many of our riders not investing in a track bike, they are starting at a disadvantage from other riders with their own machines and a full range of spares etc. The Track Commission felt that there had not been sufficient commitment shown by riders towards the Track this year to make the trip a positive experience and therefore reluctantly decided against entering the event.

Looking ahead, there is still some track racing to be done, with this weekend’s Senior Championships in Dublin. Confirmed Ulster entrants for the Nationals include Martyn Irvine, Terry Mackin, David Neill, Peter Bennett, Philip Bremner, Rachael Withers & Rachel Mitchell. Next weekend sees the remainder of the National Youth Championships and deciding round of the Youth Inter-Provincial series takes place, where Ulster hold a commanding lead.

Anthony Mitchell

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