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Rás Dhun na nGall 2011 – Women’s category for this year!

When people say Rás Dhun na nGall, hosted by Four Masters Cycling Club, is the hardest stage race in Ireland I have got to admit they are pretty much 100% right. Last year I embarked upon the race after only 3 months of racing, most thought I had lost leave of my senses but for those who really knew me they were not surprised. It was the hardest race I competed in last year but equally the one I gained the most satisfaction from finishing.

So yes it’s back again this year but with a specific women’s category. Four Masters Cycling Club have put together a fantastic weekend of events both on and off the bike. They are encouraging women from all over the UK and Ireland to take part. There will be specific prizes allocated to women riders in relation to placings on various stages, Queen of the Mountains and overall classification. This race really allows women to test themselves on some of the toughest climbs in Ireland riding against their peers.

It’s not for the faint hearted, you do need to have incredible determination to keep focussed to tackle climb after climb...potentially out on your own. Maybe a rocket on your top tube as well!! Many have made comments in the past that it is not a race for women, too hard, if that is the case how come up to 40 riders did not finish the race in 2010 for one reason or another whilst the full Cycling Ulster Women’s Team completed all four stages? So as women we can do it.

The feelings I received after completing the race were priceless. Each stage you get such an incredible sense of personal achievement. Where is the fun in riding a race that is easy? or that you know you will get round without a challenge? It is an opportunity to race against your peers in a very difficult race. Perfect.

Last year my overall placing was last. But in my mind I was a winner. I finished the race.

This year the race is open to A4 and A3 women, entry has been extended until Friday 27th May. To REGISTER please click on the link. You can find more information on the race and the various stages on the Four Masters CC website. Hope to see you there.

Click the link below for more details and to enter online.


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