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Annaclone Produces Results for Visiting Teams

6The first of the road racing scene took place today at Annaclone promoted by Banbridge CC. The A race for A1's to A3's was a handicappped affair  with the A3 riders receiving a competitive handicap over their A2 and A1 peers. The course was a rolly 13km and this race covered a total distance of 76 km. In the end it was Mark Dowling of Strata Velo who took the win from Matteo Cigalo of Aqua Blue and Ryan Reilly of AC Bisontine.

Mark Dowling also has the honour of being the first name etched onto the Eddie Sands Memorial Cup.  The memorial cup was donated by the Sands family following the sad passing of Eddie in 2016.  Eddie was one of the co-founders of Banbridge CC in 1944 and remained a dedicated and loyal member of the club until his passing.


The B race for A4's and Women saw the riders cover four laps of the course, a total of 51km. This was a massed start race. Shane Smith of Moyanalty CC took the win from Jonathan Kyle of SMCC Lisburn and Neil Rafferty of Armagh City Cyclists.


As usual Banbridge CC were to be commended on their attention to detail and race safety.


There was plenty of refreshments after the event. Many thanks to the Comms on the day, Tommy McCague and Dominic McCann.  Special thanks to Travers Engineering, main sponsor of the event for the past number of years.

Tomorrow the action moves to Crumlin and the Nutts Corner Circuit when Phoenix CC promote the Bobby Rooney Phoenix GP.

Marian Lamb UCN : marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com

Thanks to Aaron Wallace for the results

Pics courtesy The Belgian Project Media Team ; More Pics HERE

Results A Race : A1-A3 Distance 76 km














1st A2:  Glenn Dunwoody    Shelbourne Orchard
1st A3: John Buller   Banbridge CC
2nd A3: Ryan Jamison   Causeway CC
3rd A3:  Luke McMullan   Ballymena RC


Results A4 Race : Distance 51km








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