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Aiken in Top Form at Larne

1-2Team Madigan promoted Round 6 of the Ulster Cyclocross Series on Sunday. Despite the fact that some of the course had been vandalised the hardworking crew at Team Madigan had everything up an running in time for the feast of racing events. There was the usual Youth racing to start with and numbers here seem to be increasing all the time with girls participation well increased.

In the Main Senior men's race Roger Aiken was once again in top form taking the number one spot on the podium. Graham Boyd of Xmtb McConvey Cycles wasn't far behind him with Dromara's Barry Kellett taking the final podium position. In the women's race Trudy Brown of VC Glendale was victorious over Gill Smith of Phoenix CC and Emma Casey of Trail Demons CC.


Henry O'Neill of Newry Wheelers CC took the win in the B Cyclocross event followed in by Edward Kearney of Phoenix CC and Edward Shannon of Velo Club Mourne. These three will no longer be eligible for the B race following this result.

Gary Thompson  (Maryland Wheelers), Dean Lockhart (Carn Wheelers) and Gavin Thompson of Maryland Wheelers filled the podium positions in the MTB Support race while Angie Smyth (Apollo CT),
Alison McMullan (North Down CC) and Nicola Nelson (Apollo CT) took the top positions in the women's support race.


Many thanks to all at Team Madigan for an excellent day's racing. Thanks to Commissaires Martin Grimley and Lisa Millar.


Marian Lamb UCN : marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com

Thanks to Belgian Project Media team for all the pics.   More pics can be found HERE.


Full report, results  and lap times can be found at www.ulstercyclocross.com 

Men’s Senior A Race Top 10
Roger Aiken                             Team Asea                            00:52:36
Graham Boyd                           Xmtb McConvey Cycles       00:52:41
Barry Kellett                            Dromara Cycling Club          00:52:59
Glenn Kinning                          Kinning Cycles                     00:53:41
Christian Nachtigall                 Phoenix CC                           00:54:05
Dominic McCartan                   Apollo CT                             00:54:12
Alan Bingham                          Cuchulainn CC                      00:54:18
Stephen Cunningham               Shimna Wheelers                  00:55:19
Derek Finnegan                        Keevan CC                            00:55:31
Brendan Doherty                      VC Glendale                         00:55:41


Women’s Cyclocross Race
Trudy Brown                                VC Glendale                       00:49:39
Gill Smith                                     Phoenix CC                         00:50:19
Emma Casey                                Trail Demons CC                -1 lap
Martina Hawkins                        Shimna Wheelers               -1 lap
Ruth Aiken                                   Banbridge CC                      -1 lap
Wannita Broome                         Dromara Cycling Club       -1 lap
Emma Elder                                 Carn Wheelers                    -1 lap
Francea McNally                         Square Wheels CC             -2 laps

B Cyclocross Race Top 10
Henry O'Neill                         Newry Wheelers CC      00:43:47
Edward Kearney                    Phoenix CC                 00:43:46
Edward Shannon                    Velo Club Mourne           00:43:50
Colm Watson                         VC Glendale              00:43:58
Pearse O'Hagan                      Inspired Cycling         00:44:15
Colm Quinn                            Newry Wheelers CC      00:44:23
Michael McMullan                North Down CC                00:44:46
Barry Greer                            Kinning Cycles        00:44:58
Richard Gaffikin                    Killinchy CC             00:45:06
Graham Sunderland               SMCC Lisburn                 00:45:14

Men’s MTB Support Race Top 10
Gary Thompson                Maryland Wheelers                          00:46:52
Dean Lockhart                  Carn Wheelers                          00:47:36
Gavin Thompson              Maryland Wheelers                          00:49:02
Stephen Millar                  Team Madigan C.C.                                  00:51:30
Gary McClune                  Team Madigan C.C.                           -1 lap
Andrew Evans                  Killinchy CC                                      -1 lap
Gavin Hanna                    Apollo CT                                          -1 lap
Neil Armstrong                 Dromara Cycling Club                       -1 lap
Ronan Campbell              Xmtb McConvey Cycles                    -1 lap
Jeff Doyle                         Trail Demons CC                               -1 lap

Women’s MTB Support Race
Angie Smyth                         Apollo CT                                         00:47:52
Alison McMullan                  North Down CC                             00:51:04
Nicola Nelson                        Apollo CT                                        00:53:49
Anne Sandford                      La Lanterne Rouge                       -1 lap
Debbie Boyd                         Apollo CT                                        -1 lap

U16 Boys
Lee Harvey                        Xmtb McConvey Cycles          00:44:53
Drew Armstrong                Killinchy CC                     00:47:42
Jake Rushby                      North Down CC                   00:48:11
Ciaran Dixon                     Phoenix CC                   00:49:22
Ben Wilson                        Dromara Cycling Club        00:50:10
Alan Hyndman                  VC Glendale                          00:54:04
Niall Skelly                       Carn Wheelers                          -1 lap
Ethan Layhe                      Trail Demons CC                            -1 lap
Ethan Jeffers                      Trail Demons CC           -1 lap

U16 Girls
Méabh Flannagan         Ballymoney CC      00:47:00
Niamh McKiverigan       Powerhouse Sport   00:47:22
Darcey Harkness        Carn Wheelers    00:47:36
Sarah Elder            Carn Wheelers       00:50:56

U14 Boys
Darren Rafferty       Island Wheelers
Ryan Skelly          Carn Wheelers
Shea O'Kane           Phoenix CC
Somhairle Owens Fisher        Omagh Wheelers
Joseph Owens                         Omagh Wheelers
Ethan Maguire                       Omagh Wheelers
James Degier                          Trail Demons CC
James Campbell                     Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Fraser Harrower                     Dromara Cycling Club
Jay McAleenan                      Trail Demons CC
Finlay Murdoch                      Apollo CT

U14 Girls
Maia Simmons                       North Down CC
Maria McAllister                   Island Wheelers
Katie Neill                        Carn Wheelers
Lauren Hanna                         Apollo CT

U12 Boys
Adam Rafferty            Island Wheelers
Oisin Ferrity                           Island Wheelers
Travis Harkness                     Carn Wheelers
Shane Scullion                       Island Wheelers
Reuben Maitland                    Killinchy CC
Daniel Scott                           Island Wheelers
Lance Abraham                      Trail Demons CC
Ryan Lynch                            Foyle CC
Charlie O'Kane                      Phoenix CC
Ben Hepburn                          Island Wheelers
Andrew Croskery                   Killinchy CC
Benjamin Quigley                  Dromara Cycling Club

U12 Girls                              
Aine Doherty                         VC Glendale
Hannah Mullin                       Trail Demons CC
Keela Smyth                           Apollo CT
Erin Hanna                             Apollo CT
Clodagh Doherty                    VC Glendale
Cara Moffitt                           Phoenix CC
Sophie Osborne                      VC Glendale
Eimer Skelly                          Carn Wheelers
Lily Brown                             VC Glendale
Zoe Lindsay                           Dromore CC
Lucy Brown                           Phoenix CC
Niamh Nelson                        Apollo CT

U10 Boys
Calum Hepburn                      Island Wheelers
Fionn Mccloskey                   Roe Valley CC
Conor Murphy                        Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club
Thomas McAlinden                Apollo CT
Cameron Henry                      U/A
Harry Hobbs                           VC Glendale
Riley Gibson                          Carn Wheelers
Elliot Maitland                       Killinchy CC
Aidan Mcaleenan                   Trail Demons CC
Noah Stafford                         Shimna Wheelers
Karl Rockett                           Ards CC
Hugh O'Hare                          Trail Demons CC
Rhys Lockhart                        Carn Wheelers
Daniel Mousley                      Apollo CT
Scott Hepburn                        Island Wheelers
James Armstrong                   Dromara Cycling Club
Ben Daly                                Island Wheelers
Cormac McCartan                  Phoenix CC
Aaron Mccullagh                   U/A
Reece Doherty                       BCC
Jamie Boyd                            Ardee Cycling Club
Mark Molloy                          Dunloy Cycling Club
Keelan Clarke                        Shimna Wheelers
Ronan Black                          Dunloy Cycling Club

U10 Girls
Aliyah Rafferty                      Island Wheelers
Tori Moffitt                            Phoenix CC
Caitlin Hanna                         Apollo CT
Aisling Smyth                        Apollo CT
Harriett Abraham                   Trail Demons CC
Eva Daly                                Phoenix CC
Beth Campbell                       Xmtb McConvey Cycles

U8 Boys
Rhys Hepburn                        Island Wheelers
Jonathan Warnock                 Shimna Wheelers
Ethan Casey                           Trail Demons CC
Jamie Rockett                        Ards CC
Austin Henry                          U/A
Max Boyd                              Apollo CT
Jamie Ervine                          Apollo CT
Charlie Stewart                      Team Madigan C.C.
Daniel Daly Jnr                      Phoenix CC
Darragh McCloskey               Roe Valley CC
Ryan McBride                        Banbridge CC
Darragh Murphy                    U.A Leinster
Jack Nelson                            Apollo CT
Thomas McNaulty                 Apollo CT
Jay Gibson                              Carn Wheelers
Aidan Smyth                          Apollo CT
Eoin Foley                              Dromara Cycling Club
Josh McClune                        Team Madigan C.C.
Darragh Young                      Apollo CT

U8 Girls                                                                                                               
Emer Heverin                         Castlereagh CC
Aoife Craig                            VC Glendale
Emma Daly                            Island Wheelers
Aoife Kellett                          Dromara Cycling Club
Chloe Hepburn                       Island Wheelers


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