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CU Seek Applications for Executive Positions plus the CU AGM Overview

Following the Cycling Ulster AGM last Saturday the Executive of Cycling Ulster found itself in an unusual position. Of the six positions open for election only two candidates had submitted nomination forms. These were Carl Fullerton of North Donegal CC, standing for Secretary and Andrew Wills of Ballymena CRC standing for Executive Officer position. In the absence of any further nominations Carl and Andrew were deemed duly elected.

Four further positions were left unfilled and a lengthy discussion followed  on how to proceed to fill the Executive positions. It was finally decided that the Executive had the power to co-opt but that expressions of interest should be sought and information regarding this should be posted on the Cycling Ulster Website. Tommy McCague was nominated for a position from the floor by Emyvale CC and it was agreed that this would be recognised as an expression of interest.

Those who would be interested in becoming part of the governing body of cycling in Ulster should email BOTH the Chair, Maurice McAllister and Secretary, Carl Fullerton of Cycling Ulster stating their interest and their particular area of interest. The positions on offer are Lead Safeguarding Officer (a two year post) and three Executive Officer Positions (one year positions).

Send applications to the Chairman, Maurice McAllister email maurice1958@gmail.com and to the Cycling Ulster Hon. Secretary Carl Fullerton, email carlfullerton@hotmail.com.

Applications should be with them by Thursday 3rd of November 2016. Make sure to  copy both email addresses with your application.
The Cycling Ulster Executive would plan to meet on Monday 14th November 2016.

Overview of Cycling Ulster AGM

The 2016 Cycling Ulster AGM took place on Saturday 22nd October at 12.00 noon at Quinn's Corner, Ballygawley. The Executive provided an AGM booklet for those in attendance which included the various reports. The following is a brief overview of the main points of discussion.

Finance Report Presented by Oliver Hunter
A number of members required clarification on the various areas of spend and wanted more breakdown and information on Coaching and Development and Competitive Opportunities spend. Further queries centered on the fact that despite the fact that all commissions were given a budget only the Youth Commission was actually mentioned in the report. OH said that this was the report that the Executive had approved but he would take on board the suggestions made and ensure that the issues were resolved for the next AGM.

Ulster Levy
Members agreed to the Executive Proposal that the 10 euro levy would remain on all Senior licences.

Chairman's Report

There was some discussion on the fact that the Chairman stated in his report that the Executive had decided there wold be no CU teams in domestic events in 2017. Clarification was sought and 'domestic' was changed for 'Ulster'. This would impact on the Errigal Youth Tour and the Youth Academy was not happy with this. Maurice said the rule would not apply to Youth but this led t me discussion regarding Juniors in Rás Dhun na nGall.

The chairman was then asked as to why there was no Safeguarding Report included in the booklet. This lead to further discussion on the following

  • No Safeguarding Courses run by CU in 2016
  • Clubs had to try and source council based courses
  • No list of vetted members on website
  • Reimbursement to clubs who have to source external courses
  • Cycling Ireland's appointment of a Safeguarding Officer

Maurice McAllister assured members that the Executive would ensure that a properly qualified Safeguarding Officer would be appointed and that Safeguarding issues would be a priority issue for the new Executive.

Further discussion continued regarding A3 Juniors not being allowed to enter some A3 events.This brought into the discussion the need for Juniors to upgrade to A2. Too late this year to make submissions to CI AGM.

Secretary's Report - Anthony Mitchell

AM was asked if was going to continue as calendar co-ordinator for Ulster and he said he would not be continuing in that role. AM mentioned that the Executive suffered from lack on information from previous executive.  Marian Lamb refuted this claim and made the following points.

  • AM, OH and MG were longstanding Executive Officers and Maurice McAllister and Lisa Millar had been on the Executive since March 2015.
  • All minutes and Meeting papers were emailed to Executive, CEO cycling Ireland and Board Cycling Ireland in advance of all meetings and hard copies were provided at the meeting This procedure had been ongoing for more than six years
  • A Commission Induction meeting took place in February 2015 where all Executive members and members of all the commissions were given talks on various aspects of the work of the Executive.  A pen drive which contained all the CU financial policies,claim forms , parent consent forms and a 26 page Governance Document was provided to all in attendance.
  • M Lamb held a four hour meting with Lisa Millar, the new Safeguarding Officer to explain aspects of her role

Road Commission Report - Anthony Mitchell

The main points raised following this report were

  • Training/coaching resources for U16's and Juniors
  • How the commission was selected
  • Lack of communication

Off Road Report - Martin Grimley

Martin Grimley was unable to attend the meeting so questions could not be asked. Some clubs felt that more mention should be made of the work of the clubs in promoting off road. Again the issue of providing coaching and training for U16 riders up to seniors was raised.

Track Commission Report - Anthony Mitchell

No issues. AM was praised for his work at the track for little reward in terms of numbers attending .

Women's Commission Report

No-one in attendance. No questions asked

Youth Commission Report - Paul Dixon

Some statements were queried particularly by the David McCall Foundation representatives. Paul said the Academy were trying to move away from being all about road competitive events. Their focus needed to be on coaching, fun elements and introducing off road and track in to the Youth programme. He appreciated the work and support of the McCall Foundation.

Technical Officer's Report - Aaron Wallace

Words of appreciation from event promoters and commissaires at the meeting.


Only one motion was up for discussion. This was that the Executive would remove the entry quota introduced this year in regards to Ulster Championship medal alloction as it affected minority groups such as M60, paracyclists, veteran women and Youth girls in particular. A lot of discussion followed and A Wallace said the new rule came about because of a new  rule included in the CI Tech Rules. The mover of the motion, North Donegal CC, decided to withdraw the motion so that discussion could take place with Cycling Ireland.

The Cycling Ireland rules introduced this year not only imposes the entry quota on Provincial Championships but would by default also impose the nationality code. In previous years all Ulster championships were open to all those eligible riders who held either a GBR or IRL code. By following CI rules which are imposed by UCI for National Championships only those holding an IRL code could take part in Ulster Championships. It was agreed that the Executive would discuss the matter and make approaches to the College of Commissaires and CI for flexibility in the matter of Provincial Championships.

The AGM finished with the President of Cycling Ireland making a brief speech and wishing the new Executive a successful year in their new roles.

Marian Lamb UCN : marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com




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