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Cycle Ride for Singles

cyclingIf you enjoy cycling and are single and would like to meet others in the same situation then the Cycle for Singles event in Dublin could be just what you are looking for. The growing craze for cycling has seen a huge increase in people riding bikes for commuting and leisure but it is difficult to find cycling places which are safe and traffic free. The Cycle for Singles event promoted by the Green Isle Hotel in Clondalkin will provide just that - an afternoon cycle on the traffic free roads around the nearby Corkagh Park followed by a meal and late night entertainment in hotel. This is a great chance to meet other singles and have some fun. The cycle and meal costs 25 euro but why not make a night of it and stay in the hotel. The cycle, meal, entertainment and overnight stay costs just 99 euro.  Contact Green Isle hotel if you are interested in this event.

Marian Lamb UCN : marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com



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