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Great Day at Cyclocross in Falls Park

aVC Glendale pulled out all the stops on Sunday to provide a great day's racing for young and old. The cyclocross course included tarmacked areas, steps, and mucky hills which saw a few riders take a tumble. Glendale also managed to turn on the sunshine and it was like a summer's day with temperatures in the 20's. Race director, Brendan Doherty, was hard at work for weeks and spent all day Friday and Saturday in the park digging pits, putting steps in place and generally getting everything set up. However he was not alone as the club rallied round and worked to make the course as interesting and enjoyable as possible. With almost four hundred riders set to descend on the park everything had to be perfect.


The morning events included racing for young riders from below 6 years old right up to Under 16's and there was an excellent entry of young girls across the board.



The club ran a B race for those new to cyclocross and this was won by Alan Bingham of Cuchullain CC from Gary Rainey of East Tyrone CC and Rosss Galway of Killinchy CC.

In the men's Mtb support race it was Dean Lockhart of Carn Wheelers who proved strongest on the day taking the win from Sean Lyness of Apollo CT and Oleksii Kolbasko of XMTB McConvey Cycles. Angie Smyth of Apollo CT won the women's mtb support race with Rachel Irvine of Powerhuse Sport in second place and Wannita Broome of Dromara CC in third.


In the Elite men's race Dominic McCartan of Apollo went from the gun and led the field for a time.


However there was no stopping the master, Roger Aiken of Asea Wheelworx. Aiken took off consistently completing each lap in just over six minutes. He continued through to take the win once again. graham Boyd of XMTB McConvey Cycles and Barry Kellett of Dromara CC completed the podium places.


Trudy Brown of the home club continued her winning streak by taking the win in the elite women's race. She was followed in by Claire McIlwaine of Phoenix CC and Emma Casey of Trail Demons CC.


Before each of the senior races VC Glendale called for a minute's silence to remember the legend that was Richie Byrne. Often called the Godfather of Irish Of Road Cycling, Richie had recently lost his battle with cancer.

VC Glendale not only provided an excellent day's racing but also ensure that o-one went away hungry. The busy catering crew from the club were at it all day providing tea/coffee, sandwiches and a huge array of sweet stuff including some very tasty apple crumbles. Congratulations to the whole club on a very professional promotion of Round 2 of the Ulster Cyclocross Series. Thanks also to hardworking commissaires on the day, Lisa Millar and Martin Grimley.


Marian Lamb UCN : marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com

Pics Marian Lamb and Belgian Media Team

More Pics by Belgian Media Team HERE

Toby Watson also has lots of pics on his Facebook Page so make sure to check it out.

For pics by Bronagh Kirk Click HERE

Full results with lap time s and all results for U10 down can be found at www.ulstercyclocross.com


Elite Men Results

Roger Aiken Asea Wheelworx 00:44:18
Graham Boyd Xmtb McConvey Cycles 00:46:29
Barry Kellett Dromara Cycling Club 00:47:17
Darnell Moore Caldwell Cycles Omagh 00:48:07
Conor Campbell Newry Wheelers CC 00:48:07
Peter McConville Newry Wheelers CC 00:48:27
Brendan Doherty VC Glendale 00:48:37
Derek Finnegan Keevan CC 00:48:44
Christian Nachtigall Phoenix CC 00:48:50
Jason Henry U/A Ulster 00:49:14
Dominic McCartan Apollo CT 00:49:36
Des Woods Newry Wheelers CC 00:49:43

Elite Women Results   

Trudy Brown VC Glendale 00:40:41
Claire McIlwaine Phoenix CC 00:43:03
Emma Casey Trail Demons CC 00:43:17
Anne Duffy Cuchulainn CC 00:43:43
Martina Hawkins Shimna Wheelers 00:45:52
Janice Hepburn Island Wheelers 00:48:31
Toni Armstrong Apollo CT 00:49:54
Emma Convey DTC Orwell Wheelers -1 lap
Caroline Martinez EPIC MTB -1 lap
Ruth Aiken Banbridge CC -1 lap

B Race Results - Men

Alan Bingham Cuchulainn CC 00:43:50
Garry Rainey East Tyrone Cycling Club 00:45:00
Ross Galway Killinchy CC 00:45:28
Chris Lawlor VC Glendale 00:46:00
Michael Havern Newry Wheelers CC 00:46:05
Dean Burnside Island Wheelers 00:46:25
Gerard Craig VC Glendale 00:46:39
Bob Talbot Harps CC 00:46:48
Colm Watson VC Glendale 00:46:51
Nigel Gibson Carn Wheelers 00:46:54
Tim Beattie Team Vision Racing 00:47:07
Sean Maguire VC GSean Lynesslendale 00:47:09

MTB Support Race - Men

Dean Lockhart Carn Wheelers 00:39:23
Sean Lyness Apollo CT 00:40:46
Oleksii Kolbasko Xmtb McConvey Cycles 00:41:17
Brian McAlinden Apollo CT 00:41:25
Michael Nelson Apollo CT 00:42:11
Graeme Evans Spires CC 00:42:15
John Sinnamon East Tyrone Cycling Club 00:42:23
Ross Blayney North Down CC 00:42:24
Neil Armstrong Dromara Cycling Club 00:44:44
Winston Johnston Maryland Wheelers 00:44:42
Gavin Hanna Apollo CT 00:45:33
Enda McDaid Apollo CT 00:45:53
Richard Magee Trail Demons CC 00:46:24
Colin McGready Dromara Cycling Club 00:48:02

MTB Support Race - Women

Angie Smyth Apollo CT 00:37:43
Rachel Irvine Powerhouse Sport 00:39:11
Wannita Broome Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
Nicola Nelson Apollo CT -1 lap
Ciara Doherty VC Glendale -1 lap
Andra Ungureanu Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
Lee McArdle Apollo CT -1 lap

Under 16 Men

Lee Harvey Xmtb McConvey Cycles 00:37:43
Drew Armstrong Killinchy CC 00:38:16
Ben Wilson Dromara Cycling Club
Ciaran Dixon Phoenix CC 00:40:48
Ethan Layhe Trail Demons CC 00:40:50
Callum Richardson Trail Demons CC 00:43:59
Alan Hyndman VC Glendale 00:45:06
Ethan Jeffers Trail Demons CC 00:46:55
Niall Skelly Carn Wheelers 00:47:03
Daragh McConvey Cuchulainn CC 00:48:21
Cathal McGovern VC Glendale -1 lap

Under 16 Women

Meabh Flannagan Ballymoney CC 00:38:08
Ellie Kelso East Tyrone Cycling Club 00:39:01
Darcey Harkness Carn Wheelers 00:39:35
Sarah Elder Carn Wheelers 00:41:42
Anna Russell Carn Wheelers 00:44:12

Under 14 Men

Dean Harvey Xmtb McConvey Cycles 00:22:08
Darren Rafferty Island Wheelers 00:22:10
Ryan Skelly Carn Wheelers 00:24:10
Shea O'Kane Phoenix CC 00:25:18
Adam McGeever AAA 00:26:10
Somhairle Owens Fisher Omagh Wheelers 00:26:56
Fraser Harrower Dromara Cycling Club 00:27:04
Joseph Owens Omagh Wheelers 00:27:41
Ethan Maguire Omagh Wheelers 00:27:47
James Campbell Xmtb McConvey Cycles 00:29:27
Neil Kelso East Tyrone CC 00:30:32
Cain Devlin Trail Demons CC 00:30:43
Finlay Murdoch Apollo CT 00:31:16
James Degier Trail Demons CC 00:32:25
Rory McBride Killinchy CC 00:34:42

Under 14 Women

Caoimhe May Scott Orwell Wheelers 00:25:44
Maia Simmons North Down CC 00:27:37
Maria McAllister Island Wheelers 00:28:08
Katie Neill Carn Wheelers 00:29:44
Lauren Hanna Apollo CT 00:31:36
Sophie Watson VC Glendale -1 lap

Under 12 Men

Adam RAFFERTY Island Wheelers 09:41
Shane SCULLION Island Wheelers 09:50
Oisin FERRITY Island Wheelers 09:54
Travis HARKNESS Carn Wheelers 10:27
Curtis NEILL Carn Wheelers 10:45
Reuben MAITLAND Killinchy CC 10:47
Oran ANDERSON VC Glendale 10:47
Daniel SCOTT Island Wheelers 10:47
Lance ABRAHAM Trail Demons CC 11:08
Frank RUSSELL Carn Wheelers 11:09
Andrew CROSKERY Killinchy CC 11:37
Tom RUSSELL Carn Wheelers 11:52
James SLOAN Apollo CT 11:54
Ryan LYNCH Foyle CC 12:00
Carter THOMPSON Maryland Wheelers -1 lap
Matthew DOUGLAS Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
Ben HEPBURN Island Wheelers -1 lap
Benjamin QUIGLEY Dromara Cycling Club -2 laps
Under 12 Women
Aine DOHERTY VC Glendale 10:36
Hannah MULLIN Trail Demons CC 11:10
Keela SMYTH Apollo CT 11:23
Erin HANNA Apollo CT -1 lap
Clodagh DOHERTY VC Glendale -1 lap
Niamh NELSON Apollo CT -1 lap
Sophie OSBORNE VC Glendale -1 lap
Zoe LINDSAY Dromore CC -1 lap
Cara MOFFITT Phoenix CC -1 lap
Lily BROWN VC Glendale -1 lap
Shannon LAWLOR VC Glendale -1 lap
Lucy MCALISTER Banbridge CC -2 laps
Sophie DALY Island Wheelers -2 laps
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