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Round 2 Ulster Cyclocross League Sunday 2nd Oct

vcd-crossRace of the Falling Leaves GP Sunday 2nd October
VC Glendale is proud to host for the third year running the very popular Race of the Falling Leaves GP which is Round 2 in the Ulster Cyclo-Cross league. The circuit is located in the beautiful surroundings of Falls Park in the heart of West Belfast. This stunning location was the host to some fine racing last year and received warm reviews from anyone who rode the event. All the races use the tarmac road at the bottom of the park for the start of the races and whilst the youth riders have their own circuits. The senior races start at the bottom of the park and heads towards the pavilion and through the tricky section of hedges, across the bridge, and out onto the open grass section. The riders will then head up onto the grass with steps to negotiate the grass. With all the rain this area should be quite muddy and only the strong will be able to ride the sharp steep hill before beginning to traverse back down at 30 degree slope where photographers all positioned themselves last year.

Back up another muddy slope to the top of the ridge where the riders can remount and set off along the ridge towards the fast downhill section. The circuit then crosses back over another bridge to the main park again. There is a great section along the tree line where the riders will be able to pick up some speed before the final climb and muddy section back to the tarmac path. The course will have separate sections for the mountain bike support race and the cyclo-cross races.

Full details of times and support events can be found on www.ulstercyclocross.com

Marian Lamb UCN : marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com

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