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McIntyre and Mitchell At The Draynes Farm Bobby Crilly – videos added.

20160611_135940Around 150 riders gathered for the two races a the Draynes Farm Bobby Crilly classic this year.  There were two races the A2/3 race and the A4 race.

The A2/3 race started the circuit with six laps to tackle before the famous climb to the top of Divis.  The racing was aggressive throughout with many attacks but the decisive racing was made, as it usually is, on the climb.  There was a headwind up the climb this year and so despite the steep gradients along the main road from Dundrod village it was a bunch much larger than usual that entered the gate of Divis together.


20160611_135959The riders climbed into the thick mist that covered the top of Divis mountain.  As they emerged from the fog at the finish line the bunch had been decimated by the hard riding and super steep gradients of Divis.

The first rider to appear was Cameron McIntyre to take the win from David McIntyre (Maryland Wheelers) and his NRPT team mate Mark Heaney.


The A4 race took on four laps of the circuit before getting to the climb.  The bunch mainly stayed together with a few attacks gaining about 15 seconds on the drag but each time the speed of the bunch down the Seven Mile Straight in the tailwind quickly neutralised their advantage.


Again the headwind up the climb saw quite a few riders slowly drifting off the back but at the front any slight advantage gained was quickly lost again.  So it was down to the steep gradients of Divis to sort out the race.  At the finish the first rider as they appeared through the mist was Brian Mitchell (Harps CC) from Philip Bell (North Down CC)  and Kevin Egan (Velo Café Magasin)


Phoenix CC would like to thank everyone who came out to help run the race, the commissaire Aiden Higggins, the first aiders, Lamh Dhearg and all the riders and spectators for supporting the event. Special word of thanks to Brian and his catering team who dished out burgers, hot dogs and sweet stuff at the end of the race.

Report Colin Hughes

Action Pics Marian Lamb


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Bobby Crilly Classic Saturday 11th June
Results A2/3 race.

  1. Cameron McIntyre NRPT
  2. David McIntyre Maryland Wheelers
  3. Mark Heaney NRPT
  4. Lewis Ferguson North Down
  5. Stewart Thomson Spires CC
  6. Anthony Boyle VC Glendale
  7. Jonathan Dooey  Dunloy CC
  8. Matthew Brennan CCT
  9. Adam Leach North Down
  10. Keith Phillips North Down


Results A4 race.

  1. Brian Mitchell Harps CC
  2. Philip Bell North Down CC
  3. Kevin Egan Velo Café Magasin
  4. Mark McElroy Newry Wheelers
  5. Gareth McFarland Square Wheels
  6. Andrew Nicholson Phoenix CC
  7. Gavin Clarke TVR
  8. David Wright Phoenix CC
  9. Thomas McCaul Newry Wheelers


First woman Claire O’Neill Square Wheels








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