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Fast Racing At Bishopscourt

There was lots of exciting racing on Saturday at Bishopscourt Motor Racing Circuit but this time the roar of supped up engines was exchanged for the whirr of pedal powered vehicles. The event was the annual Emma McMullan and Ronnie Smyth road races promoted by Dromara CC. For a number of years now Dromara have promoted these races on the safe off road circuit of Bishopscourt. With its smooth, well tarmaced surface and clear view of the racing it made for a fast laps and a great spectator sport. Normally the venue is windy as it is so exposed but on Saturday the wind was light and the weather was warm and sunny. With the use of chip timing Dromara also ensured that they were able to provide a full results sheet with lap times. Dromara CC had laid on a full programme of events including a race for handcyclists which is the first race for this category for a long time in Ulster. It was won by the experienced Darrell Erwin from the promoting club's Ted McKibbon.

The Under 12 race saw Rachel White  of   North Down CC get the decision over Clark Logan (Ballymoney CC) and Matthew Douglas ((Dromara Cycling Club). Next up were the U14's who set a blistering pace around the track. Ballymoney CC's Rowan Montgomery won the  race from Ciaran Dixon of Phoenix CC and  Christopher Donald of Team Madigan CC. In the U16 event it was Dromara's Aaron Watson  who pipped  Clann Eireann's Ciaran Cahoon  to take the win. Liam Hanley of Lucan was third.

The Master's event was once again won by the unstoppable Benny O'Kane of Square Wheels from Finbar Dooey of Dunloy CC. Raymond Beers  of East Antrim/Audi took third positin which is no surprise as he has been riding very aggressively in recent weeks and was due a podium position. Katharine Smyth of Team Madigan was once again to the fore in the hotly contested women's event taking the win from Maeve McKenna (Clogher Valley Wheelers) and  Joanne Regan  of  Termoneeny CC.

The A4 race was won by  Ards riders Chris Lappin   Ards CC from Alistair Robinson (Bike Express) and Matt Ormesher of Ards CC.  Michael Thompson (Bann Wheelers ) was fourth ahead of Ian Weir (West Down Wheelers ) and Brendan McAlister  of Glens CC,  David Heaney (Maryland Wheelers) and Darryl Northrop (Phoenix CC ) made up the top eight.

The final race of the day was the A2/A3 event which was won by Junior rider Harvey Barnes of East Tyrone CC from Emmet Vallely of Square Wheels. North Down's Timmy Burns was third followed in by Brandon Douglas (West Down Wheelers ) and Kenny Wilson (East Antrim Audi CC). VC Iveagh's Neil Seffen was sixth with Dromara's Chris Magowan and Barry Convery of Newry Wheelers CC completing the top eight.

Dromara CC is to be congratulated on promoting a great day's racing with the usual excellent refreshments which were enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all who helped out in any way and to the Commissaires on the day. Full results of all the races can be found below.

Marian Lamb UCN : marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com

Pics to follow.

For Results with lap times click HERE

Results A2/A3 Race Bishopscourt Saturday 4th June 2016

1                   Harvey Barnes                                   East Tyrone Cycling Club                       01:13:22

2                   Emmet Vallely                                    Square Wheels CC                                   01:13:26

3                   Timmy Burns                                      North Down CC                                         01:13:28

4                   Brandon Douglas                              West Down Wheelers                            01:13:26

5                   Kenny Wilson                                     East Antrim CC                                          01:13:30

6                   Neil Seffen                                          Velo Club Iveagh                                      01:13:29

7                   Chris Magowan                                 Dromara Cycling Club                             01:13:27

8                   Barry Convery                                    Newry Wheelers CC                               01:13:28

9                   Dean Burnside                                   Island Wheelers                                       01:13:28

10                 David McKnight                                 Team Vision Racing                                 01:13:30

11                 Ivan Cooke                                          Kings Moss CC                                           01:13:28

12                 Richard Topping                                Ards CC                                                        01:13:31

13                 Mark Short                                          Phoenix CC                                                 01:14:32

14                 Michael Green                                   Phoenix CC                                                 01:14:33

15                 Colin McCloskey                                Apollo CC                                                     01:14:33

16                 Andrew Crothers                              North Down CC                                         01:14:32

17                 Neil Millar                                            Ballymena Road Club                              01:14:33

18                 David Neill                                           Powerhouse Sport                                  01:14:35

19                 Gary Sheils                                          Newry Wheelers CC                               01:14:36

20                 Darren McCullough                          Newry Wheelers CC                               01:14:33

21                 Darren Hutton                                   Bann Wheelers                                         01:14:34

22                 James Carmody                                 Apollo CC                                                     01:14:33

23                 Mark Maguire                                    Castlereagh CC                                          01:14:35

24                 Cliff Grant                                            CCT                                                                01:14:36

25                 Ronnie Smyth                                    Dromara Cycling Club                             01:14:35

26                 Stephen Cunningham                     Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club           01:14:34

27                 Barry Tinnelly                                     Newry Wheelers CC                               01:14:35

28                 Gavin Oakes                                       Phoenix CC                                                 01:14:34

29                 Dale Walker                                        Phoenix CC                                                 01:14:34

30                 Matthew McKinstry                        West Down Wheelers                            01:14:36

31                 Gavin Magowan                                Dromara Cycling Club                             01:14:37

32                 David Frizell                                         West Down Wheelers                            01:14:37

33                 Edward Kearney                               Phoenix CC                                                 01:14:38

34                 Peter Doggart                                    North Down CC                                         01:14:37

35                 Kenny Bagnall                                    Newry Wheelers CC                               01:14:39

36                 Matthew Brennan                           CCT                                                                01:14:38

37                 Stephen McCann                              Emyvale CC                                                 01:14:40

Results A4  Race Bishopscourt Saturday 4th June 2016

1                         Chris Lappin                                  Ards CC                                       01:17:58

2                         Alistair Robinson                         Bike Express                              01:18:00

3                         Matt Ormesher                           Ards CC                                       01:18:01

4                         Michael Thompson                    Bann Wheelers                        01:18:01

5                         Ian Weir                                         West Down Wheelers           01:18:00

6                         Brendan Mcalister                     Glens CC                                     01:18:01

7                         David Heaney                              Maryland Wheelers               01:18:02

8                         Darryl Northrop                          Phoenix CC                                01:18:01

9                         Rob Cummings                            Newry Wheelers CC              01:18:01

10                       Michael Havern                           Newry Wheelers CC              01:18:02

11                       Robin Wilson                                Ards CC                                       01:18:03

12                       Mark Gordon                               Newry Wheelers CC              01:18:02

13                       Martin Connolly                          Killylough CC                             01:18:02

14                       Rowan Jennings                          Newry Wheelers CC              01:18:03

15                       Mark Stewart                               Banbridge Cycling Club         01:18:04

16                       Gordon Brown                            Velo Club Iveagh                     01:18:05

17                       Andrew Hodgen                         West Down Wheelers           01:18:02

18                       Alan Walker                                  Square Wheels                        01:18:07

19                       Kieran Beattie                              North Down CC                        01:18:04

20                       Declan O'Neill                              Square Wheels                        01:18:07

21                       Richard Hanna                             Ards CC                                       01:18:05

22                       Peter Smyth                                 Unattached                               01:18:05

23                       Mark Hamill                                  Phoenix CC                                01:18:06

24                       Gareth Woodall                          Dromara Cycling Club            01:18:11

25                       Jerry Towey                                  Western Lakes CC                   01:18:13

26                       Joshua Daly                                   V.C. Iveagh                                01:18:13

27                       Alastair McCourt                         West Down Wheelers           01:18:12

28                       Peter McBride                             Banbridge Cycling Club         01:18:15

29                       Jonny Finn                                     Spires CC                                    01:18:15

30                       Donal Gallagher                          Omagh Wheelers                    01:18:17

31                       Paul Garvey                                  Newry Wheelers CC              01:18:18

32                       Saran Greene                              South Dublin CC                       01:18:19

33                       Mark Byrne                                   Cuchulainn CC                          01:18:22

34                       Luke McMullan                           Ballymena Road Club             01:18:23

35                       Mark Johnston                            Velo Club Iveagh                     01:18:38

Results Women’s  Race Bishopscourt Saturday 4th June 2016

1                            Katharine Smyth                       Team Madigan C.C.                  00:54:49

2                            Maeve McKenna                      Clogher Valley Wheelers       00:54:49

3                            Joanne Regan                            Termoneeny CC                        00:54:51

4                            Julie Rea                                       Phoenix CC                                  00:54:50

5                            Jane Millar                                   Bann Wheelers                          00:54:54

6                            Claire O’Neill                               Square Wheels                          00:54:54

7                            Lorraine Mullarkey                   Emyvale CC                                  00:55:02

8                            Mary Hunter                               Phoenix CC                                  -1 lap

Results Masters  Race Bishopscourt Saturday 4th June 2016

1                            Benny O'Kane                               Square Wheels                          00:54:47

2                            Finbar Dooey                                 Dunloy CC                                    00:54:48

3                            Ray Beers                                        East Antrim/Audi                      00:54:48

4                            Martin Ruddy                                Ballymena Road Club              00:54:50

5                            Stephen Cardy                              North Down CC                         00:54:50

6                            Geoff Garrett                                Phoenix CC                                  00:54:50

7                            Michael Crowe                              North Down CC                         00:54:51

8                            John McCardle                              Square Wheels                          00:54:51

9                            Paul Kirk                                           North Down CC                         00:54:51

10                          Deon McNeilly                              Shimna Wheelers CC               00:54:52

11                          Colin McGready                            Dromara Cycling Club              00:54:54

12                          Brian Doherty                                Bann Wheelers                          00:54:57

13                          Trevor Wright                                Dromara Cycling Club              00:54:58

14                          Mervyn McKeown                      VC Iveagh                                    00:55:01

15                          John Mccambridge                      Apollo CT                                      00:55:03

16                          Dominic Devlin                              Unattached                                 00:55:07

17                          James Thompson                         Bann Wheelers                          00:57:45

18                          Paul Gick                                          Dromara Cycling Club              -2 laps

Results Handcycle Race Bishopscourt Saturday 4th June 2016

1                                Darrell Erwin                                  Ballymena Road Club               01:02:01

2                                Ted McKibbon                              Dromara Cycling Club              01:01:37

Results U16  Race Bishopscourt Saturday 4th June 2016

1                            Aaron Watson                               Dromara Cycling Club

2                            Ciaran Cahoon                               Clann Eireann

3                            Liam Hanley                                    Lucan

4                            Andrew Robinson                        Ballymoney CC

5                            Patrick Watson                              North Down CC

6                            Nathan Keown                              North Down CC

7                            Padraig Rogan                               Phoenix CC

Results U14  Race Bishopscourt Saturday 4th June 2016

1                            Rowan Montgomery                  Ballymoney CC

2                            Ciaran Dixon                                   Phoenix CC

3                            Christopher Donald                     Team Madigan C.C.

4                            Maia Simmons                              North Down CC

5                            Ben Wilson                                     Dromara Cycling Club

6                            Christopher  Neill                         Shimna Wheelers

7                            Somhairle Owens Fisher           Omagh Wheelers

8                            Peter Steele                                   Ballymoney CC

9                            Teelin Cahoon                               CECC

Results U12  Race Bishopscourt Saturday 4th June 2016

1                            Rachel White                                 North Down CC

2                            Clark Logan                                     Ballymoney

3                            Matthew Douglas                        Dromara Cycling Club

4                            Connor Higgins                              Dunloy CC






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