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Sun Finally Shines for Rd 3 Ulster XC at Ballykelly

The day started off wet and miserable but still the riders came in droves to Ballykelly Forest where Caldwell Cycles were promoting Round 3 of the Ulster Cross Country League. The club had designed a new and challenging course which was more challenging following the rain. However the sun did eventually appear and the day brightened and warmed. Caldwell Cycles had put much effort into ensuring that everyone enjoyed their experience in the North West and congratulations are due to all those who helped out to provide a great day's racing. The results of all the races can be viewed below but the full results and all the lap times can be found at www.ulsterxc.com

Results Round 3 Ulster XC Series – Ballykelly Forest promoted by Caldwell Cycles

Senior 1 Men
Graham Boyd Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Barry Kellett Dromara Cycling Club
Tomasz Michalski Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Aiden Mcdonald Cuchulainn CC
Brendan Doherty VC Glendale
Mark Harvey Xmtb McConvey Cycles
David O'Neill Swords
Gareth McKee Banbridge CC
Senior 1 Women
Ciara Macmanus Summit Mountainbiking
Marlena Drozdziok Creon Racing Team
Junior Men
Sean Bradley Carn Wheelers
John Buller Banbridge CC
Peter Davison Dromara Cycling Club
Ryan McClelland Trail Demons CC
Kel Magee Trail Demons CC
Calvin Moore Caldwell Cycles Omagh
Senior 2 Men
Scott Maitland Killinchy CC
Gary Sheils Newry Wheelers CC
Sean Scullion Island Wheelers
Conor Campbell Newry Wheelers CC
Thomas Hepburn Island Wheelers
Michael Rea Phoenix CC
Martin O'hagan Cuchulainn CC
Eamon McConvey Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Martin Bradley Carn Wheelers
Joe Penny Banbridge CC
Ryan Walsh Carn Wheelers
Kelan Grant Caldwell Cycles Omagh
Andrew Burns Shelbourne Motors/Orchard Wheelers
Senior 3 Men
David Broome Dromara Cycling Club
Paul Mcmenamin Unattached
Johnny Comac Square Wheels CC
Gary McAleer Caldwell Cycles Omagh
David Mckee Maryland Wheelers
Nigel Gibson Carn Wheelers
John Scott Island Wheelers
Brian Wilson Dromara Cycling Club
Gerard Ferrity Island Wheelers
Mark O'Shea Summit Mountainbiking
Mickey Clarke Shimna Wheelers
Adrian Booth Dromara Cycling Club
Darragh Maloney Summit Mountainbiking
Gordon Roberts Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Michael Runciman Banbridge CC
David Neill Shelbourne Motors/Orchard Wheelers
Ronan Campbell Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Kieran Gilligan Island Wheelers
Gareth Skelly Carn Wheelers
Sean Bleeks Island Wheelers
Darren Mulholland Carn Wheelers
Adam Greer Phoenix CC
Alan Graham Team Madigan C.C.
Richard Faloon Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Heath McCombe Caldwell Cycles Omagh
Robbie Smyth Apollo CT
Graeme Elliott Carn Wheelers
Johnny McRoberts Banbridge CC
Senior 4 Men
Philip Mullan Roe Valley CC
Darren Murray Caldwell Cycles Omagh
Martin Mullan Roe Valley CC
Paul Hamilton PLUSHmtb
Gavin Hanna Apollo CT
Michael Shanks **UNATTACHED Ulster**
James Mcveigh Shimna Wheelers
Michael Nelson Apollo CT
Stephen Law Unattached
Derek Miniss Dromara Cycling Club
Jeff Doyle Trail Demons CC
Neil Ervine Apollo CT
Paul Taylor Carn Wheelers
Aidan Mcmullan Carn Wheelers
Marcus Cromie Shimna Wheelers
Luke Kennedy SMCC
David Hobbs VC Glendale
Barry Daly Island Wheelers
Noel Shaw Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Alan Gilkinson East Tyrone Cycling Club
Gary Rafferty Island Wheelers
Wesley Henderson Phoenix CC
Paul Osborne VC Glendale
Kristian Mullin Trail Demons CC
Graham Sunderland SMCC
Bielik Mariusz Polish Tigers
Attila Toth Clogher Valley Wheelers
Guglielmo Banasik Polish Tigers
Richard Magee Trail Demons CC
Conrad Wynne Foyle CC
Anthony Moore Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Tomas Knapcok **UNATTACHED Ulster**
Rastislav Najdek Clogher Valley Wheelers
Andrew Ewart Trail Demons CC
Brian McAleenan Trail Demons CC
Senior 3 Women
Sonia Mcintyre Orchard Wheelers
Anne Duffy Cuchulainn CC
Angie Smyth Apollo CT
Janice Hepburn Island Wheelers
Emma Casey Trail Demons CC
Andra Ungureanu PLUSHmtb
Ruth Aiken Banbridge CC
Niamh Skelly Carn Wheelers
Caroline Martinez Epic MTB
U16 Men
Lee Harvey Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Craig McCarthy Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Ethan Creighton Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Andrew Gordon Carn Wheelers
Mark Buller Banbridge CC
Thomas Creighton Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Ethan Layhe Trail Demons CC
Under 16 Women
Emma Elder Carn Wheelers
Under 14 Male
Dean Harvey Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Darren Rafferty Island Wheelers
Ben Wilson Dromara Cycling Club
Ryan Skelly Carn Wheelers
James Campbell Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Daragh McConvey Cuchulainn CC
James Buller Banbridge CC
Jack Baird Banbridge CC
Callum Richardson Trail Demons CC
Lewis Blanton Trail Demons CC
James Degier Trail Demons CC
Jay McAleenan Trail Demons CC
Ethan Jeffers Trail Demons CC
Under 14 Female
Ellie Kelso East Tyrone Cycling Club
Katie Neill Carn Wheelers
Darcey Harkness Carn Wheelers
Maria McAllister Island Wheelers
Sarah Elder Carn Wheelers
Lauren Hanna Apollo CT
Under 12 Male
Oisin Ferrity Island Wheelers
Shane Scullion Island Wheelers
Travis Harkness Carn Wheelers
Scott Roberts Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Adam Rafferty Island Wheelers
Curtis Neill Carn Wheelers
Lewis Kennedy Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Neil Kelso East Tyrone Cycling Club
Sam Baird Banbridge CC
Luke McCann Island Wheelers
Tom Ewart Trail Demons CC
Adam Ewart Trail Demons CC
Under 12 Female
Erin Creighton Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Hannah Mullin Trail Demons CC
Lily McGibbon Trail Demons CC
Eva Gordon Carn Wheelers
Keela Smyth Apollo CT
Sophie Osborne VC Glendale
Erin Hanna Apollo CT
Clodagh Doherty VC Glendale
Under 10 Male
Reuben Maitland Killinchy CC
Harry Hobbs VC Glendale
Conor Murphy Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club
Calum Hepburn Island Wheelers
Thomas McAlinden Apollo CT
Daniel Scott Island Wheelers
Rhys Lockhart Carn Wheelers
Ben Watson Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Killian Quinn Island Wheelers
Aidan Quinn Island Wheelers
Jamie Boyd Apollo CT
Under 10 Female
Aine Doherty VC Glendale
Cara Moffitt Phoenix CC
Eimer Skelly Carn Wheelers
Aliyah Rafferty Island Wheelers
Tori Moffitt Phoenix CC
Niamh Nelson Apollo CT
Zoe Lindsay Dromore CC
Gracie Maitland Killinchy CC
Maia McVeigh Shimna Wheelers
Sophie Daly Island Wheelers
Under 8 Male
Curtis McKee Maryland Wheelers
Rhys Hepburn Island Wheelers
Elliot Maitland Killinchy CC
Riley Gibson Carn Wheelers
Fionn McCloskey Roe Valley CC
Aidan McAleenan Trail Demons CC
Ethan Casey Trail Demons CC
Harry McCann Island Wheelers
Jamie Ervine Apollo CT
Scott McCarthy Xmtb McConvey Cycles
Odhran Ferrity Island Wheelers
Max Boyd Apollo CT
Daniel Mousley Apollo CT
Ben Daly Island Wheelers
Peter Quigley Foyle CC
Patrick Elliott Carn Wheelers
Evan Wynne Foyle CC
Ronan Quinn Island Wheelers
Rudi Maitland Killinchy CC
Darragh McCloskey Roe Valley CC
Jack Nelson Apollo CT
Under 8 Female Rider Club
Aisling Smyth Apollo CT
Caitlin Hanna Apollo CT
Lexie Broome Dromara Cycling Club
Emma Daly Island Wheelers
Poppy Magee Trail Demons CC
Aoife Craig VC Glendale
Heidi Olivia Magee Trail Demons CC

The Under 6s race is just for fun. It is an introduction to off-road racing.

There are no winners, no podium, no medals. It is all about the achievement of starting and finishing. If your child can complete the course with ease and is ready for the next challenge please have them try the Under 8’s race instead. There is no lower age limit on the Under 8s race.

Under 6,

Darragh Murphy, U/A Leinster

Aidan Smyth, Apollo CT

Harry McAlinden, Apollo CT

Kerrie Daly, Island Wheelers

Rylee Broome, Dromara Cycling Club

Jay Gibson, Carn Wheelers

Alex Michaelski, Xmtb McConvey Cycles

Leah Hepburn, Island Wheelers

Anna Mousley, U/A Ulster

Jake McKee, Maryland Wheelers

Clodagh Quigley, Foyle CC

Ashton Wynne, Foyle CC

Max Michaelski, Xmtb McConvey Cycles

Daragh Quigley, Foyle CC

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