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Great Racing at Round 2 Ulster XC at Tollymore

26037378514_bf02699ed1_mThe weather was kind to the promoters of the second round of the Ulster XC Series, Dromara CC, as they prepared the course for the weekend's racing. By Saturday morning the hard-working crew had everything done and dusted in time for the afternoon practices. On Sunday morning the real racing began.

As with all the Ulster events there was a full programme of events for the young riders from Under 6 upwards. The U6 event is purely for fun and  is non-competitive. In the U8 girls it was Aisling Smyth of Apollo who took the win from Eimer Heverin (Castlereagh CC) and Beth Campbell (XMTB McConvey Cycles). Curtis McKee (Maryland Wheelers) topped the chart in the U8 boys category followed in by Elliot Maitland (Killinchy CC) and Rhys Hepburn (Island Wheelers).


Moving on to the U10 girls Aine Doherty (VC Glendale), Ciara Moffett (Phoenix CC) and Eimer Skelly (Carn Wheelers) were the three who stepped up on the podium on this occasion. Reuben Maitland (Killinchy CC), Daniel Scott (Island Wheelers) and Harry Hobbs (VC Glendale) were similarly successful in the U10 Boys.

Hannah Mullin and Lily McGibbon, both of Trail Demons, and Eva Gordon (Carn Wheelers) emerged as the top three in the U12 girls event. Scott Roberts (Xmtb McConvey Cycles) just had the edge over Travis Harkness (Carn Wheeelers) and Oisin Ferrity (Island Wheelers) in the U12 boys event.


There was a slightly smaller field in the U14 girls event but there was still some hard riding with Kate Neil of Carn Wheelers taking the win ahead of club-mate Darcey Harkness and Lauren Hanna of Apollo CT. Darren Rafferty of Island Wheelers continues to show his skills by taking the win in the U14 boys event followed in by Ben Wilson of Dromara CC and James Buller (Banbridge CC).

Summer McGibbon 0f Trail Demons topped the chart in the U16 girls event while Drew Armstong of Killinchy CC did the same in the boys event. Mark Buller (Banbridge CC) and Andrew Gordon (Carn Wheelers) took second and third in the boys event.


Moving up to the Senior ranks it was the experienced Matt Adair of Banbridge who showed his dominance in the Senior 1 men's event taking the win from Tomasz Michalski of Xmtb McConvey Cycles and Brian Steele of Shimna Wheelers. Claire Oakley of Chain Reaction Cycles did the same in the Women's event. Calvin Moore was the top Junior in the S2 event with Gregg Bell (Xmtb McConvey Cycles) and Ryan McClelland (Trail Demons) taking the next positions. Staying with the S2 event Joe Penny of Banbridge took the win ahead of Sean Scullion of Island Wheelers and Scott Maitland of Killinchy CC. Miamh Skellly of Carn Wheelers was the top S2 woman on the day.


Dromara's David Broome emerged as the winner of the S3 event with David McKee (Maryland Wheelers) and Brian Wilson of Dromara taking the next two positions. Ann Duffy of Cuchullain CC was rewarded for travelling up by taking the win in the S3 women's event. She was followed in by Emma Casey (Trail Demons) and Angie Smyth (Apollo CT).

In the S4 men's event Graham Smyth of Dromara had the legs to take the win from Hugh Gallagher of Naas CC and Michael Shanks (U/A)


There was a huge entry for the events which shows the increased popularity of this branch of the sport. Dromara CC had put in a huge amount of work in the background to host the event an everyone enjoyed the day.  Many thanks to the hard working volunteers from Dromara Cycling Club for hosting Round 2 of the Ulster XC series at Tollymore Forest Park. Thanks also to the Commissaires on the day Glyn and Catherine O’Brien, Maurice Mayne.


Report Marian lamb UCN : marianlamb@ulstercyclingnews.com

Full Results can be found HERE

Many Thanks to Caolan Hawkins of the Belgian Project for the Pics. More pics by Caolan  can be found HERE

Please note that the pictures are inserted randomly and do not reflect either the race category or the winners. This is to comply with Safeguarding issues.







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