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Cycling In Sports Council Youth Games!

The annual Sports Council Youth Games, witnessed hundreds of the province’s youth gathered in venues across Belfast to represent their counties or library boards in the finals of their respective sports for the coveted title of Youth games winners! In previous years however one thing was noticeably missing from the feast of sport, there was not a bike in sight! With nearly every single school child owning a bike, and with this event being school based, it must surely be an opportunity to take cycling to the youth of today.

Well at this year's event Cycling Ulster were present. There were bikes, with plenty of young enthusiasts experiencing the FUN of cycling!
After talks with Belfast City Council and Sport's Council representatives some weeks ago it was agreed by all that it was about time that cycling, one of the best performing sports in the Commonwealth Games, should be present at such an event. With only a few weeks to kick off it was agreed that a demonstration ‘try it’ event be run this year and a full place in the programme for next.
The ‘try it’ event was held centre place at the House of Sport pavilion where local radio 96.7FM were leading the proceedings. There were two stationery mtb bikes on BT trainers and a coned circuit set up for the youngsters to come along and have a go. Two other coaches Gary Mc Keegan and Garry Nugent helped with the day and over ninety youngsters tried their hand at cycling and it proved very popular among the youth and even some Sports Council officials!
This type of event can be very successful at promoting the FUN element of cycling to young people and is something that most clubs can do quite easily at local sports/ community days.

This week Cycling Ulster are holding another such event at Orangefield Cycle Track where Bloomfield FC are organising a community sports day for the youth in the area. The venue has the unique advantage of having a tarmac cycle track in co-ordination with the football club. All of the youth present will be given the opportunity to try cycling at the great cycling facility in their local community. The event takes place between 1 – 5pm.

Brian Nugent
Development Officer
Cycling Ulster

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