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26/04/2015 Ernie Magwood Super Six Round 1

Round 1 of the 2015 Hayes Fuels EMS6 league took place at Toome on the 26th April. Despite a later start to the season, we experienced 4 seasons in one day. Unfortunately they were, Autumn, winter, winter, and a tiny bit of spring. The riders gathered in decent sunshine, but as usual at Toome and its Lough effected mini climate, the strong winds made things very unpredictable. Generally conditions were slow with strong crosswinds which only assisted slightly on the shorter homeward leg, however the real problem was for the time keepers, who due to the sudden downpours, rain capes fitted over numbers, missed starts, along with the strong winds had a tough job identifying finishers despite 5 people on the line, with 2 separate timers, 2 spotters, and a photographer.

The photos below show the difficulty the organisers faced, as two riders within minutes of each other cross the line in what looks like a different planet. 18 riders crossed the line unidentified, with descriptions such as RVCC, Boardman bike, red giant etc been used, and even riders as distinctive and well known as the two Johns, all 6ft 5 of them, initially unidentified.


Eventually like a night out which got a bit out of hand, enough evidence was gathered from the time keepers, photos .gpx files and Facebook, to compile an official result but things had to be checked and double checked.
There were a few surprises and some outstanding rides. Unsurprisingly, defending champion John Madden won, with Martin Sherry defeating a lot of people by giving John a serious run for his money, and beating a lot of other very strong men. Another Pre race favourite was 3x champion John Heverin who fitted his rear wheel crooked, and despite putting out enough power to boil all the kettles in Lurgan during coronation street, could only manage a 24 and destroyed a brake block in the process.

Eileen Burns was unsurprisingly the fastest lady, and also faster than a lot of fast men, she will certainly clock a mid 21 when the fast conditions kick in.
So that's "day 1 of school" out of the way. Thanks to Barry Hayes and Bluebells. James, Shenna, Mark, the Hunters, Gordon, Alicja, John Hunter and all the competitors for making it happen. If we can survive that one the rest will be easy.

David Heagney

26/04/2015 Ernie Magwood Super Six Round 1

  1. John Madden Veteran                00:20:56.0
  2. Martin Sherry Elite                 00:21:04.0
  3. Patrick J Mckenna Elite                 00:21:19.6
  4. Sean Mcintyre Elite                 00:21:27.3
  5. Niall Clarke Elite                 00:21:39.6
  6. Stuart Bennett Veteran                00:22:06.2
  7. David Barton Elite                 00:22:12.8
  8. Paul Crossan Veteran                00:22:17.0
  9. Steven Mcallister Elite                 00:22:27.3
  10. Christian Nachtigall Elite        00:22:30.5
  11. Mervyn Linton Veteran                00:22:32.6
  12. Barry Hayes Veteran                00:22:36.1
  13. Steven Workman Elite                 00:22:38.2
  14. John O'neill Veteran                00:23:00.9
  15. Mark Sergent Elite                 00:23:05.0
  16. Stevie Mckenna Elite                 00:23:13.4
  17. Jason Burns Elite                 00:23:16.3
  18. John Rafferty Veteran                00:23:19.7
  19. Rodney Stewart Veteran                00:23:21.3
  20. Mark Brown Elite                 00:23:22.6
  21. Sean Hargan Veteran                00:23:26.1
  22. Barry Russell Veteran                00:23:31.1
  23. Dean Burnside Elite                 00:23:33.7
  24. Eileen Burns Ladies              00:23:37.0
  25. Daniel Daly Elite                 00:23:45.0
  26. Declan Mccartney Elite                 00:23:50.1
  27. Patrick Withers Elite                 00:24:03.5
  28. Dairmuid Logan Junior               00:24:07.1
  29. Jason Henry Veteran                00:24:09.8
  30. Brendan Mccourt Veteran                00:24:11.4
  31. James Mccusker Veteran                00:24:14.5
  32. Richard Hanna Elite                 00:24:31.4
  33. John Clyde Veteran                00:24:32.1
  34. Steven Geary Elite                 00:24:36.4
  35. Francis Mcfadden Veteran                00:24:59.5
  36. Daryl Sempey Elite                 00:25:11.4
  37. Davy Quinn Veteran                00:25:17.2
  38. Enda Mcdaid Elite                 00:25:23.4
  39. Rory Mcintyre Veteran                00:25:24.9
  40. Geoff Seffen Veteran                00:25:37.4
  41. Paul Mcquillan Veteran                00:25:38.0
  42. Phil O'neill Veteran                00:25:40.6
  43. Laura Blair Ladies              00:25:58.8
  44. Warren Mcneill Veteran                00:26:03.2
  45. Cathal Mcgee Elite                 00:26:11.9
  46. Sean Wilson Elite                 00:26:35.0
  47. John Ferrity Elite                 00:26:38.4
  48. Harry Martin Veteran                00:26:41.0
  49. Tracy Mcconkey Ladies              00:27:11.0
  50. William Gill Veteran                00:27:42.4
  51. Jerome Donnelly Elite                 00:27:46.1
  52. Colin Wilson Veteran                00:27:56.0
  53. Kay Hack Ladies              00:28:00.7
  54. Gerry Scullion Veteran                00:28:28.3
  55. Sheena Oneill Ladies              00:29:29.7
  56. Martin O'donnell Veteran                00:30:27.1
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