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Notification of Cancelled North Pole Events

We have received communication from the new committee of North Pole CC regarding some of the events which are in the 2015 calendar to be promoted by the club.

The new committee has decided that North Pole CC WILL NOT promote a number of the competitive events currently in the handbook in the interests of health and safety. The events which have been cancelled are as follows.

4th May 2015 - J.G Memorial - Venue Logues Bar, Cranford.
28th May 2015 - Donegal TT Championship  - Venue Burt
31st May 2015 - Donegal Road Race - Venue Drumfries

The club apologises for any inconvenience. Should another Donegal Club wish to host the Donegal Championships or the Cranford Race please let us know.

Marian Lamb

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