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13/09/2014 Ernie Magwood Super Six Rd 6

Fast Times at Woodgreen
The concluding round of the 2014 Ernie Magwood Super 6 took place at Woodgreen on the 13th September, the two riders who had a tilt at the Irish elite and Veterans 10 miles records a Rd 5, Marcus Christie and John Madden were once again back and raring to go. Conditions this time were much more favourable, the SW wind present at Rd5 replaced with a slight headwind on the return leg, but also high temperatures and good visibility making for good safe and fast conditions.

There was a very strong field of riders out, and as was evident on the day, and also the next day at the Ulster 100 championship, the level of competition continues to rise year on year, with 19 min rides for 10 miles now normal, and also the 100 record dropping from just sub 4hrs to the scarcely believable figure of 3hrs 27m. This is a testament to the athletes, but also the coaches and bike fitters who contribute to the tumbling times.

Fastest on the day, and as far as I'm aware, setting the fastest time ever recorded during a Woodgreen morning event was Marcus Christie. Marcus hammered out another super fast 18.37 ultimately shy of the record, but still incredibly fast. Second to him was Colm Cassidy, who drove up from Dublin, and recorded a super fast 18.09, 3rd and almost scalping Colm was Sean McIntyre, who proved he wasn't talking rubbish when he claimed he was below par at Rd5. Colm and Sean both will unquestionably clock 18s next year.

Next up were a group of speedy "young fellas" all recording 19s, with John Madden smashing the veterans record with 19.18, and hot on his heels, John Heverin, who also dipped inside the old record, but amazingly was only a second ahead of Mark Kane who isn't (yet) a familiar face at the league, but who surely will be back next year with performances like that? Just behind him was a genuine "young fella" and an exceptionally speedy one at that, Craig McAuley also doing a 19.51 ahead of evergreen Ivan Robinson.

Fastest woman was unsurprisingly the dominant Eileen Burns of Ballymena. She can add the EMS6 league to her Ulster 10 25 50 and the following days 100 championships, with the added bonus of beating Jason with her 22.17 vs his 22.31. Eileen will surely fly next year, I can easily see 21 min times for her, which is a very exclusive club.

That concludes the league for this year. Once again we were blessed with no rain, generally good conditions, no incidents, and big fields. I want to not only thank all the organisers timekeepers, and admin people, but also all the riders for their competitive nature but also contributing to a friendly league which makes it easy and enjoyable to run.

Next year we hope to use Entry Central to lessen the load on the day regarding sign on, and also with race splitter the timing and results will be published much quicker.

We look forward to seeing you there. First though, we will have the prize giving and final tables. Stay tuned.

Report David Heagney

Results 13/09/2014 Woodgreen

 1 Marcus Christie Elite 00:18:36.4
 2 Colm Cassidy Elite 00:19:08.2
 3 Sean McIntyre Elite 00:19:09.8
 4 John Madden Veteran 00:19:17.9
 5 John Heverin Veteran 00:19:34.6
 6 Mark Kane Veteran 00:19:35.9
 7 Craig Mcauley Junior 00:19:51.9
 8 Ivan Robinson Veteran 00:20:25.5
 9 Andrew Reid Junior 00:20:34.6
 10 David Watson Elite 00:20:36.1
 11 David Heagney Elite 00:20:46.7
 12 Paul Crossan Veteran 00:20:51.1
 13 David Barton Elite 00:20:55.6
 14 Mark Brown Elite 00:20:56.3
 15 John Mcglaughlin Elite 00:20:56.6
 16 John Rafferty Veteran 00:21:09.3
 17 Barry Hayes Veteran 00:21:11.3
 18 Conor Mccann U16 00:21:19.6
 19 Daniel Daly Elite 00:21:20.3
 20 Emmett Vallelly Elite 00:21:23.6
 21 Noel Mclaughlin Veteran 00:21:44.8
 22 Brendan Mccourt Veteran 00:21:54.2
 23 John Dickey Veteran 00:21:59.9
 24 Patrick Withers Elite 00:22:01.6
 25 Kevin Mccrossan Veteran 00:22:13.0
 26 Eileen Burns Women 00:22:17.5
 27 Mark Watson Elite 00:22:25.0
 28 Ken Brewster Veteran 00:22:27.1
 29 Jason Burns Elite 00:22:31.0
 30 John McAuley Elite 00:22:49.1
 31 Warren McNeill Elite 00:22:54.0
 32 Colin Massey Veteran 00:22:57.9
 33 Nigel Elder Veteran 00:23:05.3
 34 Martin Drennan Veteran 00:23:28.4
 35 Harry Martin Veteran 00:23:28.6
 36 William Orr Veteran 00:23:28.9
 37 Barry Kirkland Elite 00:23:43.6
 38 Mervyn Seffen Veteran 00:23:44.8
 39 Paul McQuillan Veteran 00:23:51.3
 40 Colin Wilson Veteran 00:24:01.6
 41 Gillian Orr Women 00:24:11.6
42 Gareth Woodall Elite 00:24:22.7
 43 Laura Blair Women 00:24:40.8
 44 Marshall Craig Elite 00:25:04.5
 45 Kay Hack Women 00:25:20.5
 46 Kevin Walker Elite 00:25:30.6
 47 William Armour Elite 00:25:37.3
 48 Gerry Mc Cullough Veteran 00:25:47.4
 49 Deirdre Mc Auley Women 00:28:15.0


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