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A chance for school cyclists to take part in Triathlon

Irish Schools Triathlon Championships

Predator Triathlon Club are to hold the 2005 Irish Triathlon Schools Championships in Galway on Wednesday 18th May.
Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland and we really want to extend this amazing experience to Irish school children of all ages and abilities

Welcome to the 1st Irish Schools Triathlon Championships, organised by the Predator Triathlon Club in Galway on behalf of Triathlon Ireland.

What is triathlon and why is it an achievable sport for Irish school children?

A triathlon is a swimming, cycling and running race the distances vary according to the age of the participant. Triathlon is an Olympic sport since Sydney 2000, and was hugely successful in Athens last year.

Triathlon is very achievable for children because it is based on the fundamental skills of swimming, cycling and running and has proven advantages for the physical and mental development of the child, which also ties in with the new Physical Education Curriculum

Our event is particularly achievable for non swimmers, cyclists or runners as they can team up with their friends to form a relay where each individual completes one section of the triathlon. (e.g. a non swimmer can take part in the cycling/running part, and the other team members can share the swim or the bike/run). This can suit children who find themselves excluded from other sports due to reasons as simple as asthma to more specific physical or mental disabilities.

This event is sponsored by SEB Fitness, a leading sports development company based in the west of Ireland, experienced in all aspects of children’s sport, including schools tours and summer camps. SEB Fitness works closely with fully qualified teachers currently working in schools and experienced in the implementation of the new P.E. curriculum.

A perpetual trophy will be presented to the overall winning school.
Every child will receive a participatory medal and there will be medals for first second and third place in each category.

What does this event involve?
Very simply the course consists of
-50m swim in a 25m swimming pool
-1km cycle on a closed road
-400m run on grass.
We believe that these distances will make the event accessible to all children and they can choose to complete the course individually or as part of a relay team.

We hope that this will encourage all children in your school to compete and not just those who already take part in sports. We aim to involve those children who can sometimes feel left out of other sports events.

We need your help!
In order for this event to run smoothly and safely for the children we need volunteers who can help us out on the day. We need people to marshal the course and help direct the children in the right direction and we need you the teacher to explain to your class how the triathlon works, as very few children will have ever seen or competed in a triathlon before.

We all know that parents are very busy these days but in order to make this triathlon work, we will need a minimum of 2 volunteers per school to marshal the events and make sure that your children can compete safely. The Gardaí, ambulance services and Galway Corporation will also give their support. Our sponsors will provide life guards and equipment to ensure maximum safety.
As this is the first year of the Irish Schools’ Triathlon Championships, for organisational purposes we are only inviting 15 schools to participate with a maximum of 25 children per school including relay teams.

As we are only inviting a limited number of schools please let us know as early as you can whether your school wants to take part as if not we can offer the place to another school. We hope that you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity for the children of your school to enjoy this amazing sporting experience and the chance to meet children from schools across the country.
I hope you and your school will be able to participate, and will enjoy the day while learning more about triathlon.
Sebastien Locteau
National Coaching and Development Officer
Race Director and Organiser
Triathlon Ireland
Tel: 091 779 856

Seb has prepared an information pack for schools, which includes all the race details, youth regulations and entry forms. It is in the Race Entries in the download Section or can be Downloaded the triathlon web-site

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