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Mcauley, Millar, Maguire and Kellet win on Divis.

bcThe Draynes Farms Bobby Crilly Classic is famed as much for the usual horrible weather the riders have to face as much as the epic mountain top finish.  This year the weather was kind but the racing no less difficult.  Three races were held as part of the event which finishes atop Divis mountain just north of Belfast.

The A1/2 race started first with four laps of the circuit with long dragging sections and a short sharp rise before heading up the mountain.  The racing was aggressive from the start and the race broke apart early on.  By the top of the climb, after almost 70 miles of tough racing, two Phoenix riders, Mike Millar and Ali McCauley, came around the final bend together.  The two club mates agreed to cross the line together and the judges couldn’t split them; so for the first time in the race two joint winners were crowned.



Michael Barry of Cuchulainn CC was a close third with only a few seconds gap to the winning pair.  The rest of the riders came home in ones and twos as the steep final mile took its toll.

In the A3 race there was action from the start.  Several riders tried to go clear but by the end of the first lap of three strong junior Craig McAuley of the Nicolas Roche development team had a gap of one minute over the peloton.  He powered on alone for the next lap and a half, gaining a few seconds on the bunch on the long drags but loosing a few on the descents until finally the legs started to get tired and he was reeled in with half a lap to go to the start of the climb.  Quite a few of the riders were feeling good and they didn’t wait for the climb but attacked 5 miles before the road began to rise.  Among this group were several of the home club’s riders who were determined to put the pressure on with the aim of setting up a victory for talented junior Rory Maguire.  So it was no surprise that when the road began to rise Maguire went for it.  As he turned through the gate of Divis mountain he already had a gap of a minute over the chasing group.  By the summit he had extended this to a minute and a half to take the win convincingly.


Second was taken by Mathew Taggert of the Nicolas Roche team and third by another Phoenix rider Jody Wright.

The A4 race was competitive as ever with Dromara's Barry Kellet taking the win from Cathal Grant of Newry and Luke Ireland of Phoenix CC.

Report Colin Hughes

Pics Drew Millar

For a great set of pictures by Bronagh Kirk click HERE

A4 Results

  1. Barry Kellet (Dromara CC)
  2. Cathal Grant (Newry Wheelers
  3. Luke Ireland (Phoenix CC)
  4. Colin Murtagh (Island Wheelers)
  5. Raymond Rocks (Island Wheelers)
  6. Rider 837?
  7. Michael Tolan (Phoenix CC_
  8. Alan Campbell (North West CC)

A3 results.

  1. Rory Maguire (Phoenix CC)
  2. Matthew Taggart (NRDC)
  3. Jody Wright (Phoenix CC)
  4. Lyndsay Watson (PLUSH)
  5. Curtis Gilmore (Team Madigan)
  6. Simon Taggart (Ballymena RC)
  7. Aaron Swann (Nicolas Roche PT)
  8. Craig McAuley (Nicolas Roche PT)

A1/2 Race.

  1. Ali Macauley & Mike Millar (Phoenix CC)
  2. Michael Barry - (Cuchulainn CC)
  3.  Desi Woods (Newry W)
  4.  Alex Donald (Phoenix CC)
  5. David Hamilton (Curran CC)
  6. Mark Millar (Velo Café)
  7. Nathan Mullan (Dromara CC)
  8. Aaron McGrady (Phoenix CC)
  9. Liam Dolan (CVC)

A full list of rider numbers as they crossed the line will be available on the Phoenix message board shortly.


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