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27/04/2014 Ernie Magwood Super Six Round 1

The 2014 Ernie Magwood Super 6 league kicked off in a similar fashion to 2013. A bright pleasant but breezy morning faced the riders along with a course which was 320m long thanks to an Audi trip meter, cue cries of my Garmin says 10.18 miles etc etc. Regardless, Darrell Erwin, only recently
back to training got the show on the road, clocking up a benchmark 36 minute time, however the big story was the kicking dished out by John Madden to his rivals, just as he had done 12 months earlier at Round 1 of the 2013 league.

John, riding for the new Dig Deep team clocked a quite astounding 20:30, this time is all the more impressive when the North Easterly wind effected return leg and the longer course is considered. At TT speeds of 10-12m/s John, and everyone else’s, times should be approaching 30s quicker, meaning he should have been very close to a 19, which is duly deserves, having left no stone un-turned in the winter of this year.

Second was Sean McIntyre of Orchard, also setting a sub 21 time, before heading off to “cool down” with a road race at the Mid Ulster Grand Prix. Meanwhile in third, was double defending champion John Heverin, licking his wounds before undoubtedly coming back in round two, with a 21:15 still good going after getting off a plane with 600 miles in his legs from Majorca. Further down the field, winter training and new kit paid off for a lot of riders, with mostly happy faces, and some fresh rivalries set up or renewed for another year.

The League also incorporated the newly revived Women’s League, with Laura Maxwell fastest on 25:05, and a really good field of women out to chase her down. Thanks to the usual band of dedicated helpers and sponsors, and also all the riders for showing up and bringing the good weather with them. More of the same please for round 2 at Toome again in the last weekend of May.

Report David Heagney

For pics of the event by Jim Lavery click HERE

Ernie Magwood Super 6 Round 1 Toome
J Madden 20:30
S McIntyre 20:59
J Heverin 21:15
C Doyle 21:30
P McKenna 21:47
M Sherry 21:55
R Stewart 22:02
D Mulholland 22:05
I Robinson 22:15
D Heagney 22:19
C Nathighall 22:22
S Workman 22:28
G Jeffers 22:30
D Barton 22:35
C McAteer 22:36
M Scullion 22:46
D Ferguson 22:48
S Scott 22:51
B Hayes 22:57
C Hutchinson 23:01
R Millar 23:02
M Carroll 23:05
D Daly 23:17
D Drumm 23:21
N.Gill 23:23
J McCusker 23:36
J McKendry 23:36
B Russell 23:44
K Brewster 23:45
J Clyde 23:46
O Campbell 23:55
R Hanna 23:57
A Stewart 23:58
P McLaughlin 23:59
C Porter 24:09:00
Jason Burns 24:13:00
S Walsh 24:13:00
D Quinn 24:25:00
I Lockyer 24:28:00
A Somerville 24:29:00
M Hewitt 24:32:00
P Swenarton 24:34:00
J McAuley 24:44:00
C McGee 24:46:00
W McNeill 24:59:00
L Maxwell 25:05:00
S McFadden 25:06:00
J Evans 25:16:00
I Carson 25:18:00
M Seffen 25:22:00
G Seffen 25:22:00
H Martin 25:31:00
J Donnelly 25:45:00
J McFarland 26:18:00
S McDonald 26:27:00
R Nelson 26:29:00
C Cardwell 26:38:00
K Hack 27:34:00
J Kerr 27:59:00
M ODonnell 28:15:00
S ONeill 28:44:00
C Martin 29:10:00
D Erwin 36:34:00
J Burns DNF
K Parton DNF

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