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Ulster Clubs Work Together to Promote Youth Cycling

DSC_0209In a very welcome announcement from Maurice McAllister of Ballymoney we have been informed that a number of clubs have decided to get together to promote and develop Youth Cycling with a particular emphasis on the road.

Maurice McAllister said,
“It is an undisputed consensus that our youth and junior cyclists are the future of the sport of cycling. The objective and ambition for the immediate next five years for these core clubs is to see the development and progression of our youth and junior riders.”

The David McCall Foundation which has a particular interest in developing and supporting young riders has also come on board to offer support.

While the group will be all inclusive and promote and assist all youth riders it will also be their intention to provide appropriate competition in order that those who wish to do so may represent their province at National level.

Maurice continued
“We have a spectacular opportunity for us to launch with 2014 being a Commonwealth Games year, and the arrival of the Giro d'Italia here in Ireland for 3 stages plus the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire. This is an unmissable opportunity to launch this initiative focusing solely on the young and their recruitment into cycling. With off road cycling and BMX also enjoying growth the road element of the sport has suffered due to the danger on the roads especially for young inexperienced rider. Plans are already in place to address this issue and an exciting announcement and programme will be released very soon!”

The group will be liaising with the Cycling Ulster Executive and in particular with those officers that have a particular remit for Youth and Juniors.



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