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Exciting Racing at Ulster RR Championships

aThe Ulster Road Race Championsips promoted by Ballymoney CC, took place today in dry but cool conditions. However there was nothing cool about the racing which heated up from the start with some riders on fire with determination to win.

First off were the A1-A3 Senior men and the Juniors. They were to cover eighty miles of a technical course which was well marshalled by members of Ballymoney CC and neighbouring clubs. Almost from the gun a group of riders broke away. These included Alex Donald and Mike Millar of Phoenix CC. Both these riders have put in epic performances this year and today was no exception. They were joined by Stephen Colbert of Colbert Cycles in England who had come over especially to ride this event.

These three quickly opened a gap on the chasers which were driven by riders such as Gary Cranston of East Antrim, Thomas Martin and Fraser Duncan (Eurocycles), Bryan McKinney (Duffin Transport) and Gary Jeffers (East Tyrone). Duncan then put the head down and crossed to the break on his own. McDonald had a mechanical and had to withdraw thus putting an end to his chances of a medal. Cranston also managed to make the split as did David Hamilton of Curran Racing and Junior rider, David Montgomery of XMTB/McConvey Cycles.


Duncan then went on what looked like a suicide mission with five laps to go, breaking free  from the group to ride solo around the challenging course. He opened a minute on the chasers over the next lap with only Montgomery going after him.


It took Mongomery right to line to close the gap on Duncan who just managed to take the win and the Ulster Championship title along with the George Wilkes Memorial trophy. Montgomery was second but had to be content with the Ulster Junior title. Cranston won the sprint for silver with Mike Millar taking bronze just ahead of club-mate Alastair Macauley who had also managed to join the break.


Jeffers took fifth ahead of Omagh's Marc Potts and Noel Collins of Caldwell Cycles. Paul Ferguson of North Down and Jonny Taylor of Carn Wheelers made up the top ten.


With Montgomery taking the gold in the Junior event it was Ryan Reilly of Roe Valley who took the bronze with Connor Young of Ballymena Chain Reaction taking silver. Mark Downey of the Nicholas Roche Development team was not in hs usual road racing form following extensive track work.

Phoenix CC were the the Ulster team champions with Mike Millar, Alastair Macauley and Karl Morgan being the counters in this event.

Ballymoney also presented special medals to the first Unplaced A2 and A3 riders who were Noel Collins of Caldwell Cycles and Jude Sands of Newry Wheelers.


The Senior women were also in top form and once again a break went from the word go. Amy Brice (DID Dunboyne) made the first move in the opening minutes of the race. Phoenix CC's Judith Russell spotted the danger and chased after her. For a time thse two were on their own but Claire Oakley (WXC) and Janine McNally realised that this was a serious move and went across.  The group worked well together and opened up a lead on the chasers. Ciara MacManus (U/A) made several valiant  attempts to bridge the gap but with the blustery wind the task proved to be too much.


Unfortunately Oakley's efforts were hampered by cramp which caused her to drop back so was effectively out of the race. Coming to the line it was last year's champion, Amy Brice, who took the sprint ahead of McNally and Russell who took silver and bronze respectively.


With superb riding by Therese Smyth and Julie Rea Phoenix CC took the Women's team prize.


There was a big entry for the Veteran's category this year but it was not only the young vets who could drive the bunch. Mickey Carroll of Ballymena R.C. who is over sixty, was away in break for time with Newry Wheeler's hard man, Kevin Lynch.


With so any good riders in this bunch it  was hard for anyone to get away and in the end it came down to a bunch sprint. All the punters had their money on one man, namely Brian Stewart or Big B as he is known. With the tough uphill finish they knew he would have the legs for this sort of sprint and he did not disappoint, crossing the line in fine form ahead of Jason Henry (U/A).


For the man who took Cavendish in a sprint a few years ago the legs are still there.


Darren Lynas of West Down Wheelers took bronze and for muscleman Lynas this was a fantastic achievment in his first year of racing.

Team Madigan broke Phoenix CC's run when they claimed the Veteran's Team Prize with Glenn Cobain, Stephen Harkens and Jonathan Kyle being the team counters.

Many thanks must go to Ballymoney who put on a superb show today with great catering back at Ballymoney Rugby Club. Thanks are also due to the members of different clubs who came out to help with marshalling duties.  The Commissaires on the day were Aaron Wallace and Owen McFadden who's job was made even more difficult by several emergency route changes and stoppages due to a herd of cows who decided to go walkabout. Thanks also to Joan and Hugh McCullough for first aid and Gordon Parker for the results.

Report & Pics: Marian Lamb
Results: Gordon Parker & Alicja Cernakicja

Ulster Road Race Championships - Senior/Junior Men

  1. Frazer Duncan             Eurocycles                                   03:14:36 (Senior Gold)
  2. David Montgomery     XMTB/McConvey Cycles             st (Junior Gold)
  3. Gary Cranston             East Antrim Audi                         03:15:04 (Senior Silver)
  4. Mike Millar                 Phoenix CC                                  st (Senior Bronze)
  5. Alastair MacAuley      Phoenix CC                                  st
  6. Gary Jeffers                 East Tyrone CC                            03:17:03
  7. Mark Potts                  Omagh Wheelers                        03:17:35
  8. Noel Collins                 Caldwell Cycles                           st
  9. Paul Ferguson             North Down CC                           st
  10. Johnny Taylor              Carn Wheelers                            st
  11. James McMaster        North Down CC                           03:17:39
  12. Thomas Martin           Eurocycles                                   st
  13. Karl Morgan                Phoenix CC                                  03:18:41
  14. Jude Sands                   Newry Wheelers                         st
  15. William Larmour        East Antrim Audi                         03:18:42
  16. Connor Young               Ballymena Chain Reaction          st (Junior Silver)
  17. Richard McCullough   North Down CC                           st
  18. Ryan Reilly                  Foyle CC                                      st (Junior Bronze)
  19. Ryan McDermott        West Tyrone Velo                        st
  20. Ivan Reid                     Omagh Wheelers                        st
  21. Darnell Moore            Caldwell Cycles                           st
  22. Marcel Kock                Phoenix CC                                  03:18:47
  23. Mark Downey             Nicholas Roche PS                       03:18:48
  24. John Neill                    Phoenix CC                                  03:18:50

Team Champions Phoenix CC - Mike Millar, Alastair Macauley, Karl Morgan



Ulster Road Race Championships - Senior Women

  1. Amy Brice                           DID                      2:27:30 (Gold)
  2. Janine McNally                   North Down CC   2:27:31 (Silver)
  3. Judith Russell                      Phoenix CC          2:27:32 (Bronze)
  4. Ciara McManus                  U/A                      2:32:10
  5. Claire Gillespie                   Ballymena Chain Reaction    2:36:39
  6. Therese Smyth                    Phoenix CC          st
  7. Julie Rea                             Phoenix CC          2:36:41
  8. Aileen Shannon                   Dromara CC        2:36:43
  9. Mairead McGurk                Carn Wheelers    2:39:00

Team Champions Phoenix CC -Judith Russell , Therese Smyth, Julie Rea


Ulster Road Race Championships - Veterans

  1. Brian Stewart                       Phoenix CC                                           2:39:28 (Gold)
  2. Jason Henry                          U/A                                                       st (Silver)
  3. Darren Lynas                        West Down Wheelers                          st (Bronze)
  4. Liam Curran                         Curran Racing                                      2:39:30
  5. Michael O'Kane                   Termon CC                                           st
  6. Niall O'Hagan                       Duffin TransportT                                st
  7. Daniel Logue                        Foyle CC                                               st
  8. Nigel Quigley                       Bann Wheelers                                    st
  9. Neville Patton                       Ballymoney CC                                     st
  10. Glenn Cobain                        Team Madigan                                    st
  11. Chris Beattie                        Ballymena Chain Reaction                  st
  12. Stephen Harkins                   Team Madigan                                    st
  13. Martin Tohill                        Spires CC                                              st
  14. Barry McKenna                    West Tyrone Velo                                st
  15. Martin McConville               Clann Eireann                                      st
  16. Cathal Smith                         Phoenix CC                                           st
  17. Jonathan Kyle                       Team Madigan                                    st
  18. Gary Wilson                          East Antrim Audi                                  st
  19. James Wilson                       Apollo CT                                              st
  20. Ian Carson                            Ards CC                                                st
  21. Cliff Grant                            Ballymena Chain Reaction                  st
  22. David McKnight                    TVR                                                       st
  23. Mickey Carroll                     Ballymena Chain Reaction                  st
  24. Ryan Currie                          Ballymena Chain Reaction                  st
  25. Eamon McConvey                XMTB/McConvey Cycles                      st
  26. Phillip McKeown                  Ballymoney CC                                     st
  27. Uel Cunningham                  Ballymoney CC                                     st
  28. Kieran McKenna                   East Antrim Audi                                  st
  29. Shane Fallen                         North Down CC                                    st
  30. Jonathan Dempsey               East Antrim Audi                                  st
  31. Paul McGuire                       Phoenix CC                                           st
  32. Des Woods                           Newry Wheelers                                  st
  33. John McAuley                       Apollo CT                                              st
  34. James Gault                          Phoenix CC                                           2:39:46
  35. Kevin Lynch                          Newry Wheelers                                  2:43:13
  36. Ed Boyle                               Phoenix CC                                           2:45:07

Team Champions Team Madigan - Glen Cobain, Stephen Harkens, Jonathan Kyle



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