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South African Team for the Errigal Youth Tour.

SOUTH AFRICAN TEAMYorkshire Cycling Academy from the south west of South Africa are already travelling to Donegal for the Errigal Youth Tour this weekend.

See below for a press release from the Academy and race promoters.


On Sunday 28 July 2013 one of the major  goals of the Yorkshire Cycling Academy will be realised and one of the solid “bricks” in the development pathway of the Academy youngsters will be laid. An Academy Team will be on their way to participate in the 2013 Errigal International Youth Cycling Tour in Ireland. This will be a first for the Yorkshire Cycling Academy, sending a team overseas for an International cycling event.

The riders that will represent the Academy are Keanu Slinger, Joshua Francis, Kyle De Wet, Luc Green,George Perrins (all under 16) and also Whayde Davids and Ayrton De Leeuw (Under 14).

The team will be under management of Odette Francis (well-known to irish Cycling) as well as the passionate Arnold De Leeuw. Gerald Francis – passionate, motivated, eager, dedicated, zeal. This is how to describe this man. The whole idea to get our youngsters to do this tour and also gain valuable experience was highly recommended and motivated by Gerald. Before returning to South Africa at the beginning of 2013, Gerald and his family lived in Ireland for 12 years. Gerald noticed the good structure and operations at the Academy and he decided to throw in his weight and become part of the coaching and development structure to share and implement his extensive knowledge about cycling at competitive level as well as racing in Europe. In Ireland Gerald was competitive as a veteran cyclist and he also assists his 15 year old son Joshua with his cycling.

The Yorkshire Cycling Academy has a rich history of cycling – established in 1919 – and the only community based club from the days of the South African Cycling Association still existing and vibrant.

Over the past few years the Academy laid sound and firm foundations via the Ex-Neotel Pro Team and produced a number of champions at provincial as well as national level.


Their chairperson Ian Goetham says: “ We have an on-hands approach towards the development of our youngsters, and this is very important for monitoring and evaluating the athletes. Especially taking into consideration the Long Term Athlete Development pathway. We as the administrators of the sport have a major role to play and one of the core beliefs of the Academy is to break down the barriers that still exist and create opportunities at all levels of the sport. This trip to Ireland is indeed ground-breaking and we belief it is the first of many. Sometimes, as history already shown, such great talent goes wasted because of the lack of resources and as administrators we must try to prevent this."

The duration of the Errigal International Youth Cycling Tour are 3 days, from 3 – 5 August 2013.


The stages the riders will need to conquer are:

Day 1: Stage 1, Saturday 3 August 2013  -  Road Race

Day 2: Stage 2, Sunday 4 August 2013    -  Hill Climb Time Trial

            Stage 3, Sunday 4 August 2013    -  Road Race

Day 3:  Stage 4, Monday 4 August 2013   -  Criterium Race

It is indeed a great opportunity for these youngsters to race internationally and they are highly motivated to be competitive on their first international outing.

For more information about the YorkshireCyclingAcademy or the Academy team to Ireland contact  Ian Goetham at  083 949 4501 or e-mail :  iangoetham@gmail.com


About Yorkshire Cycling Academy: Operations from Paarl, Boland, Western Cape. Established in 1919.

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