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25/07/2013 NI ’25’ Championships.

Gold For McIntyre, Curran , Lowry, Laverty and Phoenix in NI 25 Champs.

Thunder storms with heavy rain rattled through the course 90-minutes prior to the start but thankfully the storm had cleared leaving clear blue sky behind, which was just reward to the 54 Riders (some Madigan riders riding in a club event within the race) who took the chance to attend in the hope it would pass-over. A clear winner on the night was Greg Swinand from South Africa now based in Dublin riding for Usher Irish Road.  Pushing a big gear it was plain to see the speed he was generating. Sadly due to him not being a resident in Ulster he does not medal in this event.  Greg knew this prior to him making the long trip but he wanted to give Woodgreen a go regardless.  At least he got his fuel money back in prize money.

Provisional medal standings:  Sean McIntyre of Orchard Wheelers rode superbly to take the N.I. Senior Gold medal. Bryan McKinney of Duffin Transport takes the Senior Silver and Mike Millar of Phoenix C.C. takes Senior Bronze.

Liam Curran of Curran Racing takes Veteran Gold.  Des Woods of Newry Wheelers take Veteran Silver.  Darren Lynas of West Down Wheelers takes Veteran Bronze.

Judith Lowry of Invictus takes Women Gold.  Laura Maxwell of Roe Valley CC takes WomenSilver.  Gillian Orr of North Down CC takes Women's Bronze.

Stuart Laverty of Ballymoney CC takes the Junior Gold medal. Harry McComb of East Tyrone CC takes the Junior Silver medal.

Team medals go to Phoenix C.C. Mike Millar, Christian Nachtigal, and John Smyth. Please note all results are provisional at this time!

Many thanks to all the Riders, Time Keepers, and to all the Madigan members who helped on the night.

1          Greg Swinand (Usher I.R.C. Dublin) S    50.48

2          Sean McIntyre (Orchard Whs) S               51.47

3          Bryan McKinney (Duffin TR) S                 52.18

4          Liam Curran  (Curran Racing) V               52.27

5          Des Woods (Newry Whs) V                       53.05

6          Mike Millar (Phoenix CC) S                       53.13

7          Darren Lynas (West Down Whs) V          53.35

8          Stephen Harkens (Team Madigan) V      53.40

9          Nigel Laffin (Team Madigan) V                 53.42

10        Christian Nachtigal (Phoenix CC) S        54.30

11        Stuart Laverty (Ballymoney CC) J             54.55

12        John Smyth (Phoenix CC) V                     55.01

13        Mark Millar (Unattached) S                                    55.18

14        Mark Watson (Ards CC) V                          55.24

15        James Gault (Phoenix CC) V                    55.41

16        Robin Millar (Bikeworks) V                         55.43

17        Dominic Drumm (Bann Whs) V                56.10

18=     Conor Mullan (Roe Valley CC) S             56.17

18=     Ciaran McVeigh (Phoenix CC) S             56.17

20        Keven Donohue (Unattached) S              56.37

21        James Mullan (Roe Valley CC) V             56.44

22        Jim Hegarty (Phoenix CC) V                     56.53

23        Patrick Witthers (West Tyrone CC) S       56.56

24        John Bogues (Phoenix CC) V                  57.00

25        Colin Loughrey (Roe Valley CC) V          57.03

26        Harry McComb (East Tyrone CC) J          57.11

27        John O’Neill (Spires CC) V                                    57.24

28        Bob Talbot (Harps CC) S                            57.31

29        Barry Hayes (IWCC) V                                57.33

30        Paul McLoughlin (Roe Valley CC)           57.38

31        Seamus Walsh (Phoenix CC) V               57.46

32        Peter Morrison (Unattached) S                  57.50

33        Kevin McCrossan (Four Masters) S         57.13

34        Danny Quinn (Apollo RT) V                      58.23

35        Gregory Kearney (Roe Valley CC) V        58.25

36        Cathal McGee (Roe Valley CC)                58.33

37        Colm Hanratty (Invictus) V                         59.04

38        Stephen Breydon (Roe Valley CC)          59.08

39        Andrew Russell (Roe Valley CC) S         59.38

40        David Blevins (Harps CC) S                      59.41

41        Jeremy Martin (Team Madigan) V             59.52

42        Adrain Kerr (Ballymena RC) V                  1.00.06

43        Judith Lowry (Invictus)W                           1.00.22

44        William Orr (Ards CC) V                              1.01.23

45        Laura Maxwell (Roe Valley CC) JW          1.01.40

46        Gillian Orr (North Down CC) W                  1.02.50

47        Louise Tognieri (North Down CC) VW     1.03.07

DNF    Conor McAteer (Bann Valley CC) J

Report and results courtesy of David Ross.

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