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07/07/2013 Tommy Given Ulster 50 Mile Championship

marcus2Marcus Christie Smashes 50 Record
Maryland wheelers ran their annual Tommy Givan 50 mile time tiral this morning on the Woodgreen circut and this year it also doubled up as the Ulster Championships.  There was a good turnout on a fantastic day with many riders setting impressive times.

However it was Marcus Christie who recorded a fantastic time of one hour forty minutes and ten seconds over the fifty miles which works out a just below 30 mph average speed.

Marcus Christie blasted the current Senior record of 1: 45:42 set by John Heverin of Clann Eireann when he recorded a blistering 1:40:10.

The time was over seven minutes faster than second placed rider on the day, John Madden of Curran Racing, one of Ireland’s top testers who recorded a 1:47:22 to take the Ulster Veterans’ title. The new record which requires ratification by Cycling Ireland will be a hard one to beat.


Third on the day was Cuchulainn’s Bryan McCyrstal who recorded a 1:47:26 although he is not eligible for the Ulster Silver medal which goes to John Heverin of Clann Eireann who also takes silver in the veterans’ competition with his 1:47:32. Sean McIntyre of Orchard CC taks bronze in the senior Championships with Mark Greer doing the same in the veterans’ event.


The Phoenix team of Mike Millar, Mark Brown and Christian Nachtigal lifted the Ulster Team Title for the 50 mile distance.

Full results courtesy of timekeeper Gordon Parker can be found below.

07/07/2013 Tommy Given Ulster 50 Mile Championship

  1. Marcus  Christie                Foyle CC                               1:40:10
  2. John Madden                    Curran Racing                    1:47:22
  3. Bryan McCrystal               Cuchullainn CC                  1:47:26
  4. John Heverin                     Clann Eireann                    1:47:32
  5. Sean McIntyre                  Orchard CC                         1:49:33
  6. Mark Greer                        Maryland Wheelers        1:50:56
  7. Kevin  Lynch                       Newry Wheelers              1:51:38
  8. Stephen Workman          Ballymena RC                     1:53:51
  9. Mark Brown                       Phoenix CC                         1:54:00
  10. Christian Nachtigal           Phoenix CC                         1:54:06
  11. Matthew Heaney            Clann Eireann                    1:54:11
  12. David McKnight             Dromara CC                        1:55:07
  13. Ivan Robinson                   Ards CC                                                1:55:39
  14. M Linton                                                                              1:56:05
  15. Mike Millar                         Phoenix CC                         1:56:14
  16. Niall O'Gorman                 Phoenix CC                         1:56:40
  17. Jay Gault                              Phoenix CC                         1:57:19
  18. Mickey Carroll                   Ballymena RC                     1:57:41
  19. Jonathon Kyle                   Team Madigan                  1:57:58
  20. J McCusker                         Orchard CC                         1:58:38
  21. Mark Watson                     Ards CC                                                1:59:43
  22. Johnny Bogues                 Phoenix CC                         2:00:17
  23. A Douglas                            Team Madigan                  2:01:05
  24. Patrick Withers                 West Tyrone Velo            2:01:17
  25. Jim Heggarty                      Phoenix  CC                          2:02:01
  26. Michael Scullion                Carn Wheelers                  2:02:31
  27. Joe Henry                            Phoenix CC                         2:02:54
  28. Finbarr Cummins              Phoenix CC                         2:03:42
  29. B Hayes                                 Island Wheelers                               2:04:20
  30. John Rooney                      Phoenix CC                         2:04:25
  31. Harry Martin                      Clann Eireann                    2:08:11
  32. P Trainor                                                                              2:08:31
  33. C Hanratty                                                                           2:10:25
  34. Judith Lowry                      Phoenix CC                         2:12:53
  35. Adrian Kerr                         Ballymena CRC                  2:17:03


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