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08/06/2013 Ernie Magwood Super 6 Round 3 Woodgreen

I think we will look about sponsorship for next year from Carlsberg. Because if they did do time trial leagues they would probably have run Saturday’s event. I have never seen so many pleased people and smiling faces after what was a fantastic mornings racing at Woodgreen in ideal conditions.

In this report I won’t mention all who did personal bests or got near to previous figures, as it would do an injustice if I left anyone out and the list of PBs are included in the results although no doubt some of them were missed, so please inform me if you want it amended.

All that can be said is that pretty much everyone either achieved their goals, or made big steps towards goals that they though were unobtainable, and went away happy with their heads full of ideas for their next big project. It was a pleasure to both help organise and ride in this event.

The only competitor I will single out for special praise is Alan Somerville of East Tyrone who deserves a medal for honesty when a timing error went unnoticed and Alan made a point of phoning me desperate to prove his actual slower time rather than take credit for something he didn’t do. A perfect example of gentlemanly behaviour. I tried to tell him that testers always argue the time LOWER. But he was having none of it, and said he would only look like a fool next time out. Thanks Alan, you’re an example to us all.

In the end recent Vets 50 miles champion John Madden got closest to the flying John Heverin, both of them averaging over 30mph, in third place Matt Heaney went agonisingly close to a 19 with a 20:00, amazingly as planned, he then went out again at the tail of the field and done another 20:12. An astonishing performance.

The Women’s event was no less astonishing as Laura Maxwell gets back to full fitness and smashed her own best to stop the clock in 24:09, and with the summer only started surely a 23 is on the cards for Laura? We hope so.

Fastest Junior on the day was Connor McAteer who rode a blinding 20:40 and who again will surely go faster given more time as his workload with exams decreases.

Darrell Erwin of the Ulster Handcycling Assocation also lined up and recorded a superb 31.37 which must be near hs PB as well.


Speaking off opportunities to try again, James and I were delighted with how the event went on Saturday at Woodgreen. Last year we had one dud round on the Moy-Armagh road which had a poor attendance, we were going to revisit it next as we could share the workload with it been a round of Island Wheelers ICL. However we are now looking at the possibility of revisiting Woodgreen as it is under utilised with the demise of the Dave Kane and Mc Call leagues. This is subject to approval by Cycling Ulster and the PSNI, as usual we will require help as this is an additional workload, but let us know your feelings, and dig in if you can, and we will try and make it happen.

The list of people to thank includes the Hunter family for their timekeeping, Sheena and Mark for their admin duties. Martin McKernan from BRC for the timing sheets, and general dogs body (thanks Marty), James McLaughlin and off course the Magwood family for their support.

Thank you all. I will see you for round 4, date and venue to be confirmed, keep an eye on Cyclingulster.com and face book for details and leave us your feedback.

08/06/2013 Results Ernie Magwood Super 6 Round 3 Woodgreen

  1. John Heverin             19:34         PB
  2. John Madden            19:51       
  3. Matthew Heaney        20:00         PB
  4. Gary Jeffers              20:07         PB
  5. Cathal Doyle             20:16         PB
  6. Ivan Robinson           20:23       
  7. Stuart Bennett           20:27       
  8. Connor McAteer        20:40         PB
  9. David Barton             21:01         PB
  10. James Gault              21:02       
  11. Stuart Laverty            21:13         PB
  12. David Heagney         21:15       
  13. J McCusker               21:17        
  14. Connor Young           21:19         PB
  15. Bob Talbot                21:20         PB
  16. Peter Cole                 21:26         PB
  17. Johnny Dempsey      21:26      
  18. Mark Watson             21:30         PB
  19. Jim Heggarty            21:31         PB
  20. Bryan McKinney         21:32     
  21. John Bogues            21:32         PB
  22. Paul Swenarton         21:34        
  23. Jason Henry              21:34         PB
  24. Paul Stenson            21:37         PB
  25. John Clyde               21:48         PB
  26. Patrick Withers          21:52         PB
  27. John Rooney            21:57        
  28. Gerald McNally          21:57         PB
  29. Davy Quinn               21:58         PB
  30. P McLaughlin            21:59         PB
  31. Sammy McFadden    21:59        
  32. Brendan McCourt      22:02        
  33. Noel McLoughlin       22:06        
  34. James Mullan            22:10         PB
  35. Barry Hayes              22:30         PB
  36. Trevor Wright            22:33        
  37. Brian Doherty            22:35         PB
  38. Jim Donnely              22:38        
  39. Nigel Connelly            22:38        
  40. Alan Sommerville      22:40        
  41. Kieran McCrossan            22:43         PB
  42. Harry Martin              22:52         PB
  43. Owen Campbell         22:55         PB
  44. Kenneth Brewster      23:10         PB
  45. Colin Wilson              23:25         PB
  46. A McCourt                23:33        
  47. Rodney Young          23:37       
  48. Barry Kirkland           23:45         PB
  49. Laura Maxwell           24:09:00    PB
  50. Stevie McDonald              24:23:00   
  51. Ann McFarland          24:33:00   
  52. Rachael Withers        24:39:00 
  53. Sheena Oneill            25:13:00    PB
  54. Lorraine Jeffers         26:34:00   
  55. Darrell Erwin             31:37:00

Report David Heagney

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