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15/09/12 Ernie Magwood Super Six TT Report & Results

Marcus Christie was a welcome returning face to the Ernie Magwood Memorial Super Six TT league which took place on Saturday morning at Toome. Marcus has been in crushing form since he returned home, winning at will both the Ulster 10 & 25 titles within the last few weeks. When he arrived on Saturday morning, the other riders all knew they had their work cut out to try and take the fight to him. In the end we were miles off! Marcus has improved week on week and he clocked a super time of 20:11 winning by a clear 71s, maybe next year we will see Marcus go head to head with 2011 and 2012 champion, the absent, undefeated John Heverin a few times?

The rest of the field were more evenly matched, with a titanic battle from 2nd to 6th covered by a scant 20 odd seconds, with as usual Ivan Robinson of Ards being quickest, from a fast finishing William Larmour of East Antrim, with only 4s between them. I also noticed further down the results two Phoenix men tearing stripes out of other, Jim Hegarty and John Rooney battling it out on the road, Jim chasing down John, with John coming out best.

The Ladies were no different to the men's close result, with Rachael Withers and Kay Hack also having a huge scrap, Kay came out on top in that one, but a very short distance behind was the flying Laura Maxwell who at her age is improving at a phenomenal rate, and surely will be mixing it with the best of them next year? Another returning lady was Gillian Orr. Returning from sickness. Gillian was keen as mustard to get back at it and it was great to see her back with a smile on her face. I'd say Williams glad too as a happy wife = a happy life!

A huge thank you to everyone for helping, The Hunter family for their time keeping, Mark Greenaway for his sign on and push off duties, and a huge thanks to Ballymena Road Clubs Playboy Bachelor Martin McKernan who interrupted his wining and dining lifestyle to help Mark, with it taking two of them to replace one Sheena, as she enjoyed the Causeway coastal tour. Ultimately the 2012 league was won by John Heverin, from Cathal Doyle, and Desi Foley, with Heather making it a double success for the Foley's, wrapping up the Ladies league, and Brendan McCourt taking a hugely well deserved Vets title, full points to follow. That's it for 2012. I hope you all "enjoyed" Just the chef’s curry and beef strog to get through now. Stay tuned for details of when it’s on at Bluebells restaurant Cookstown. All league regulars & helpers etc welcome.


Ernie Magwood Super 6 Round 6 Toome 15/09/12

Marcus Christie U/A  20:11

Ivan Robinson Ards  21:22

William Larmour EACC  21:26

Cathal Doyle Carn Wheelers 21:33

Steven Workman BRC 21:40

David Heagney ETCC 21:43

Gary Jeffers ETCC  22:11

Conor McAteer BVCC  22:14

Ryan Patton Ballymoney 22:17

John McGlaughlin ETCC  22:22

Brendan McCourt Dave Kane  22:31

Jonathon Dempsey EACC  22:48

James McLaughlin Island Wheelers 23:03

Patrick Withers West Tyrone 23:04

John Clyde  Dromara 23:04

John Rooney Phoenix  23:10

Jim Hegarty Phoenix  23:41

Stuart Scott Madigan  23:54

Harry martin CECC   24:18

Colin Wilson Bikeworks  25:34

Kay Hack  Bann Wheelers  25:43

William Orr Ards    25:44

Rachael Withers West Tyrone 25:51

Laura Maxwell RVCC  26:17

Jonathon Wilson ETCC   26:30

Bernie Monaghan Dromara  27:45

Gillian Orr   Ards  28:01

Sorcha Laverty Spires  28:38

Darrell Erwin UHA   33:43


Report: David Heagney

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