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09/09/12 Ulster 25 Mile TT Championship Report & Results

Following on from his victory in the Ulster 10 mile time trial championship, Marcus Christie was the fastest in the Ulster 25 mile time trial championship  promoted by the David McCall Foundation at a windy Woodgreen this morning. Christie recorded 51 minutes 47 seconds, almost two minutes clear of John Madden (Curran Racing) who took second and the vets title with Kieran McKenna (East Antrim-Audi) lifting bronze, a further 40 seconds adrift.

Daniel Stewart (East Antrim-Audi) won the junior title in a time of 55 minutes 17 seconds. Ian Inglis (Curran) took silver with Conor McAteer (Bann Valley RC) in bronze. Kay Hack (Bann Valley RC) took the women's title, over 20 seconds clear of Rachael Withers (West Tyrone Velo-FCC). The bronze in the women's title race went to the junior girls champion, Laura Maxwell (Roe Valley CC).

Darrell Erwin (Ulster Hand Cycling) and East Antrim-Audi won the hand cycling and team titles respectively. Martin Birney of Sportactive presented cups which he sponsored for the event to the various category winners.

The final Ulster time trial championship title will be decided at Woodgreen over 100 miles on Sunday 23rd September.


Ulster 25 mile TT Championship, Woodgreen, 09/09/12, Results

Marcus Christie 51.47
John Madden 53.31
Kieran McKenna 54.12
Gary Cranston 54.29
Daniel Stewart 55.17
William Larmour 55.23
Stephen Workman 55.30
Liam Curran 55.34
Martin Sherry 56.07
Stephen Harkens 56.11
D Woods 56.14
Ian Inglis 56.37
Desi Foley 56.51
G McKeegan/S Scott 57.12
Kevin Lynch 57.19
S McIntyre 57.37
C Nachtigall 58.04
Martin Birney 58.04
Conor McAteer 58.08
Peter Kennedy 58.10
Christopher Beattie 58.21
Ryan Patton 58.33
J McLaughlin 58.48
J Smyth 58.49
Stevie McAllister 58.56
Brendan McCourt 59.13
J Doyle 59.44
Dominic Drumm 59.54
Blaine Cole 60.04
Craig Crawford 60.07
D Ferguson 60.09
P Morrison 60.16
Patrick Withers 60.25
G Brown 60.31
K Crossan 60.52
J Clyde 60.53
Paul Vaughan 61.01
Sean McGreevy 61.13
J Hegarty 61.21
P McLaughlin 61.26
A Morrison 62.25
M McAlulty 62.41
K Brewster 62.47
Harry Martin 62.57
Nigel Elder 63.31
A Kerr 64.55
Kay Hack 66.44
Peter Smyth 66.51
J Wilson 67.04
Rachael Withers 67.10
William Orr 68.26
Colin Wilson 68.35
Laura Maxwell 68.40
Sheena O'Neill 72.42
Maeve Savage 73.31
Darrell Erwin 87.37
K Wilson DNF
M Greer DNF
B Doyle DNF


Martin Birney Cup Winners


Senior Men: Marcus Christie

Senior Women: Kay Hack

Veteran Men: John Madden

Veteran Women: Kay Hack

Junior Men: Daniel Stewart

Junior Women: Laura Maxwell

Hand cycling: Darrell Erwin


Photos to follow.

Report: Patrick Withers (Admin Officer)

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